Government of Canada funds two new projects to encourage COVID-19 vaccination in youth

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July 27, 2021 | Brampton, Ontario | Public Health Agency of Canada

In the fight against COVID-19, it is critical that as many Canadians as possible get vaccinated. That is why the federal government is taking action to make sure every Canadian who wants a vaccine can get one.

Today, the Honourable Patty Hajdu, Minister of Health, announced two new projects aimed at youth that will receive funding through the Immunization Partnership Fund (IPF). These projects will promote the importance of vaccinating against COVID-19 to youth aged 12 and over, parents and caretakers, and teachers through school-based interventions and community-based outreach.

BGC Canada (formerly Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada) will receive up to $500,000 in funding to promote the benefits of vaccinating against COVID-19 and foster evidence-based dialogue around vaccination among families of children and youth who access programming at local Clubs across Canada.

The Canada Safety Council will receive up to $220,000 in funding to create a COVID-19 vaccine education and awareness program to be delivered in schools with the support of teachers across Canada to engage both students and their parents on the importance of vaccinating against COVID-19.

The Government of Canada is working closely with experts, provinces and territories, and all partners to encourage vaccine confidence and to better understand the barriers people may face in getting vaccinated. The Immunization Partnership Fund is one tool of many the federal government is using to help people across the country make informed vaccine choices through community mobilization and public outreach. 


“Widespread vaccination is critical in helping to end the pandemic, and youth play an important role helping us get there. These projects, funded through the Immunization Partnership Fund, are using tailored strategies to reach youth, their parents and caretakers, and teachers to share evidence-based and credible COVID-19 vaccine information to encourage youth to get vaccinated against COVID-19. If you have not done so already, I encourage you to get vaccinated today.”

The Honourable Patty Hajdu
Minister of Health

“The health and safety of our kids is our top priority. We all want our kids to get back to being kids. When a child gets vaccinated, they come one step closer to doing what they love and need for their mental health and well-being. These projects will help provide youth, parents, caretakers, and teachers with the necessary tools to make informed COVID-19 vaccine choices and build safer, healthier communities.”

The Honourable Ahmed Hussen
Minister of Families, Children and Social Development

“As trusted community partners across Canada, our Clubs welcome the opportunity to support Canada’s COVID-19 vaccination program through the Immunization Partnership Fund. With this funding, Clubs will be able to provide reliable COVID-19 vaccination information to youth and families that may be experiencing multiple barriers to accessing trusted information, as well as foster evidence-based and youth-led dialogues on COVID-19 and vaccines.”

Owen Charters
President and CEO, BGC Canada 

“As we move into a period where COVID-19 vaccination is available for youth 12 and older, it is important that we deliver tailored, age-appropriate messages about vaccination that are clear, open and fact-based. We all have a role to play in the discussion, and it’s when we are informed and work together that we can achieve the best results and set ourselves up for the brightest future.”

Gareth Jones
President and CEO, Canada Safety Council

Quick facts

  • The Immunization Partnership Fund (IPF) supports projects that improve access to vaccines and encourage vaccine acceptance and uptake. 

  • In 2020, as a response to Canada’s COVID-19 vaccination efforts and building on the early momentum of the IPF, the Government of Canada invested an additional $64 million for projects to support COVID-19 vaccine uptake in Canada. This funding includes:

    • $30.25 million for community-led projects to develop tailored, targeted tools and educational resources to raise awareness of, and confidence in, COVID-19 vaccines.
    • $32.5 million to support provincial and territorial governments in enhancing their electronic vaccination registries to help monitor vaccine uptake.
    • $1.3 million to amend existing funded projects to incorporate measures and activities to address COVID-19.  
  • The IPF is one of several programs by the Government of Canada to work with communities to increase vaccine confidence and address barriers to getting vaccinated. This includes the Vaccine Community Innovation Challenge which will provide up to 140 grants for community-driven information campaigns to empower community leaders to spread the word on COVID-19 vaccines and public health measures.  

  • The Ask the Experts campaign will run from June 15, 2021, to July 31, 2021. The ads will appear on TV, web sites, social media and in search engine marketing. Through a series of videos, the campaign answers a variety of questions such as the importance of getting the second dose of the vaccine, why people who are young and healthy need to get vaccinated, and how the vaccines work. 
  • Through the IPF:

    • BGC Canada will receive up to $500,000 for its project, Tackling Vaccine Hesitancy in Canada: A Community-Based BGC Clubs Approach to Raising Awareness about the Benefits of COVID-19 Vaccinations.
    • Canada Safety Council will receive up to $220,000 for its project, Elmer Vaccine Education and Awareness Program.

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