Vaccines and immunization

Vaccination during pregnancy, for children, for adults, travel vaccines, information for health professionals

For Canadians

Vaccination for children

Vaccination schedule, records, deciding to vaccinate, diseases that vaccines prevent, what to expect at the appointment, how vaccines are given, possible side effects.

Vaccination for adults

Why vaccination is important for adults, for travellers, those 60 years and over, people who could become pregnant.

Vaccination for COVID-19

Booster doses, authorized vaccines, proof of vaccination, safety and side effects, data.

Travel vaccines

Recommendations by destination, yellow fever vaccination, immunization records.

Vaccine preventable diseases

Search by disease with causes, symptoms, risks, treatment, prevention, surveillance information and guidance for health professionals.

Vaccine safety and possible side effects

Common and general side effects, allergic and stress-related reactions, Vaccine Injury Support Program, immunity from disease, vaccine ingredients.

Vaccination and pregnancy

Vaccines you need before, during and after pregnancy, while breastfeeding.

Flu (influenza) shot

Why get the flu shot, where to get it, who should get it, FluWatch surveillance, flu shot and COVID-19.

Vaccination awareness and education

Videos, posters, guides and infographics to download or order free.

For health professionals

Canadian Immunization Guide (CIG)

Comprehensive immunization guide for health professionals, decision makers, Canadian stakeholders, vaccine agents, safety, specific populations.

National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI)

Recommendations, statements, publications and updates on vaccine use.

Immunization resources for health professionals

Printable awareness products for health care settings.

Vaccination schedule for infants and children

Routine vaccination schedule for infants and children in all provinces and territories.

Vaccination schedule for adults

Routine vaccination schedule for adults in all provinces and territories.

Pain management for adults

Techniques for a more comfortable vaccination

Pain management for children

Techniques targeting different age groups for a more comfortable vaccination.

Public funding for influenza vaccination by province or territory

Annual influenza vaccine funding for adults and children.

Vaccination coverage in Canada

How Canada monitors vaccination against preventable diseases.

Vaccine supply

How Canada buys, stores and handles vaccines, supply and demand, delays, drug shortage database.

Vaccine safety, surveillance and reporting

Resources for health professionals on how vaccines are approved for use and the known benefits and safety of specific vaccines.

Webinars and webcasts

Webinars, webcasts and presentations.

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