COVID-19 for health professionals: Infection prevention and control

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We have developed infection prevention and control guidance and strategies to prevent or limit COVID-19 transmission in health care settings.

All health care settings

Acute care

Long-term care


Outpatient and ambulatory care

Personal protective equipment

There is an unprecedented demand and urgent need for products to help limit the spread of COVID-19. As a temporary measure, we are speeding up the authorization processes for personal protective equipment (PPE).

We are also allowing certain medical devices to be imported and sold that may not fully meet Canadian regulatory requirements. However, these devices are manufactured to comparable standards.

Learn more about personal protective equipment and strategies to reduce shortages, including reprocessing N95 respirators.

Training for contact tracing

Register for our free training courses on contact tracing. You will need to make an account before being able to register. Our series of courses supplement local training and onboarding. They are not a requirement to conducting work in your jurisdiction. Health professionals must follow local/regional policies and procedures for contract tracing.

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