COVID-19 testing, screening and contact tracing

Services and information

Diagnosing and how we test

Deciding who should get tested, how testing is done, types of tests

Testing importance and contact tracing

Why testing is important, how contact tracing is done

Increasing testing supply

What Canada is doing, tests distributed in Canada, testing capacity

Test accuracy

Accuracy and reliability, negative, positive and inconclusive tests

Testing for travellers

Getting tested to enter Canada, testing after you enter

National overview of tests performed

Daily number of tests performed in Canada

Rapid tests for workplace screening

How to get rapid tests, benefits and implementation

Securing COVID-19 rapid tests

Antigen and point-of-care test purchase agreements

Roles and responsibilities

Federal, provincial and territorial roles in testing

Health care and industry

Authorized testing devices

List of authorized COVID-19 testing devices in Canada

Testing devices under review

COVID-19 testing device applications under review in Canada

Access to and types of testing devices

Access, types, how to get authorization, test swabs

Testing and screening expert advisory panel

Overview, members, reports and summaries

Industry Advisory Roundtable

Overview, members and reports

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