COVID-19 rapid testing and screening in workplaces: What employers should know

If you are looking for rapid tests for your personal use, refer to where and how to get tested.

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Benefits of rapid testing

COVID-19 rapid tests are important screening tools to help you protect your employees, customers, their families and the community where they live.

Not everyone who has COVID-19 will show symptoms. Studies suggest that people without symptoms may cause up to 50% of COVID-19 transmission. You can help reduce the risk of outbreaks by regularly testing and screening your employees.

Regular rapid testing provides an extra layer of defence against the spread of the virus. Along with public health measures such as frequent handwashing, physical distancing, wearing a mask and vaccination, workplace screening will help to:

To ensure workers have quick and easy access to COVID-19 rapid tests, some provincial and territorial governments and participating distribution partners, with the Government of Canada's support, are providing them to organizations.

COVID-19 rapid tests are fast, easy and safe. They provide results in 15 minutes.

Learn more about how to get rapid tests.

Infographic for employees

Share with your employees to help them understand:

Rapid testing in the workplace: Information for employees (infographic)

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