Prevention of hepatitis A

Learn how hepatitis A can be prevented.

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How to prevent hepatitis A

Consult a health care professional or visit a travel health clinic preferably 6 weeks before you travel.

Hepatitis A is one of the most common vaccine-preventable illnesses in travellers. The best way to prevent hepatitis A is to get vaccinated. Discuss the benefits of getting vaccinated with a health care provider if you are:

You can also reduce the risk of getting hepatitis A by taking the following precautions.

  • Wash your hands:
    • before preparing or eating food
    • after using the washroom and changing diapers
  • Use safe food practices.
  • Follow safe sex practices.
  • Never share needles or syringes.
  • Take the following precautions with food and water when travelling, especially in countries where hepatitis A is present.
    • Avoid ice cubes in drinks.
    • Peel your own raw fruit and vegetables.
    • Drink water from a safe supply, such as bottled or boiled water.
    • Eat only foods that are well-cooked unless you have prepared them yourself.

To prevent spreading hepatitis A, avoid preparing food or beverages for others while you're sick.

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