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Vaccines you need after pregnancy

If you missed certain vaccines before or during pregnancy, you should get them after your baby is born. This will lower the chance that you'll get a vaccine-preventable disease and spread it to your baby. This is especially important while your baby is too young to receive certain vaccines.

Breastfeeding and vaccines

Vaccination is the best way to protect yourself and your child from serious diseases. Keep your child up to date with the recommended vaccines. Breast milk is not a substitute for vaccination.

While breastfeeding, it's safe for your baby and for you to receive most vaccines. Some less common vaccines should generally be avoided during breastfeeding, such as the:

Talk to your health care provider about vaccines that can protect you and your baby during breastfeeding.

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Travelling abroad

If you're planning to travel abroad with your child:

  • talk to your health care provider or
  • visit a travel health clinic to find out which vaccines are recommended

Learn more about travel vaccination.

Flu season

If you're breastfeeding during flu season, you should get a flu vaccine, which will reduce the chances of you getting the flu and passing it on to your baby. This is especially important for babies under 6 months who can't get the flu shot and can get very sick from the flu.

Even if:

  • you didn't get a flu shot while pregnant, get one as soon as possible
    • this will help prevent getting the flu and passing it on to your baby
  • you're no longer breastfeeding, you should still get the flu shot

Learn more about the flu vaccine.

Family and visitors

Protect your baby by making sure all members of your household and anyone who visits or cares for your baby:

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Your baby's first vaccinations

Babies get their first vaccinations within the first 2 months of age. Talk to your health care provider or local public health authority about the timing of vaccines.

You can use a scheduling tool to get your baby's vaccination schedule. You can also use a mobile application to keep track of your child's vaccinations.

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