Acknowledgements: Canadian Tuberculosis Standards 7th Edition: 2014

The 7th Edition of the Canadian Tuberculosis Standards is now out of date.

Please refer to the current edition: Canadian Tuberculosis Standards 8th Edition


The editor and associate editors are grateful to the many people and groups that contributed to the development and production of this edition of the Canadian Tuberculosis Standards. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • colleagues in tuberculosis prevention and control programs throughout Canada, many of whom served as authors or co-authors (refer to Appendix E, Contributors);
  • the provincial and territorial TB programs that provide non-nominal confidential case reports for national TB surveillance; and the members of the Canadian TB Laboratory Technical Network and their teams for participation in national TB drug resistance surveillance;
  • the Canadian Thoracic Society (CTS) and Canadian Lung Association (CLA), including Janet Sutherland and members of the CTS TB and Infectious Disease Committee;
  • the Association of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease Canada, including Dr. A. Mark Joffe, Dr. Lynn Johnston, Riccarda Galioto, Stephanie Wolkowycki and the AMMI Canada members who served on the writing group and as external reviewers (refer to Appendix E);
  • Dr. Joan Robinson and the members of the Infectious Disease Committee of the Canadian Pediatric Society, who served as external reviewers (refer to Appendix E);
  • Director General Dr. Howard Njoo, Manon Fiset, Lisa Marie Pritchard, and other employees of the Centre for Communicable Diseases and Infection Control, Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC);
  • the Expert Working Group on Infection, Prevention and Control Guidelines, PHAC Canada (Dr. Lynn Johnston, Julie Carbonneau, Nan Cleator, Brenda Dyck, Dr. Joanne Embree, Karin Fluet, Dr. Bonnie Henry, Dr. Donna Moralejo, Dr. Matthew P. Muller, Filomena Pietrangelo, Sandra Savery, JoAnne Seglie, Jane Stafford, Dr. Pierre St-Antoine, Dr. Geoff Taylor, Dr. Mary Vearncombe, Cathie Walker) and Dr. James Irvine;
  • the Office of Biosafety Programs and Planning, Pathogen Regulation Directorate, PHAC;
  • the Pathogen Regulation Directorate, PHAC;
  • Francine Boucher, Publishing Advisor, Marketing and Creative Services Division, Health Canada;
  • Dr. Danielle Grondin, Director General - Health Branch, Citizenship and Immigration Canada;
  • the Public Health Branch, Correctional Service Canada;
  • medical editors: Marion Pogson (Stepsoft Inc.) and Dr. Paul Rivest;
  • the Medicine and Technology Unit, Translation Bureau, Public Works and Government Services Canada.

In addition, chapter authors wish to acknowledge, with appreciation, the support and expertise provided by the following individuals:

  • Frederic Bergeron, Annie-Claude Bourgeois, Kaelyn Boyes, Janet Carr, Dr. Victoria Cook, Dr. Ryan Cooper, Katherine Defalco, Kathleen Dunn, Dr. Michelle Foisy, Courtney Heffernan, Dr. Vernon Hoeppner, Dr. Christine Hughes, Dr. Malcom King, Dr. Philip H. Links, Laurie O'Neil, Dr. Rob Parker, Sandra Ramoutar, Derek Scholten, Dr. Geetika Verma and Christine Weir;
  • many others whose contributions, though less conspicuous, were nonetheless critical to the finished product.

Finally, the Canadian Thoracic Society, and all authors and editors wish to acknowledge the contribution to TB control, care and education made by Dr Jae Yang, Director of the TB clinic at St Michael's Hospital in Toronto, whose untimely death in November 2012 deprived the Canadian TB community of a great TB provider and teacher.

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