Pregnancy, sexual health and preconception health (health before pregnancy), healthy eating, physical activity, mental and oral health before and during pregnancy.

For Canadians

Supports and programs

Pregnancy, infant and child health supports and programs in Canada

Preconception health

Health before pregnancy, reproductive years, fertility, sexual and reproductive health

Your guide to a healthy pregnancy

Advice on mental health, prenatal nutrition, substance use, physical activity and other pregnancy health topics

Newborn registration and benefits

Programs and services to help you register your baby and get family benefits.

Mental health

Importance of emotional health during pregnancy, how to attain the support you need.


Benefits of vaccination for you and your baby before, during and after pregnancy.

Covid 19: Pregnancy, childbirth and caring for a newborn

COVID-19 and advice on pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding

Food safety

Lower your risk of food poisoning, what foods to avoid, safe food alternatives, shopping, storing and cooking

Healthy eating

Benefits of healthy eating for you and your baby, foods to avoid, pregnancy weight and supplements

Folic acid and neural tube defects

Folic acid and reproductive health, what amount to take foods that are high in folate

Oral health

Taking care of your teeth and gums, morning sickness, oral health risks during pregnancy

Physical activity

How exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle, benefits of exercise during pregnancy

Sexual health

Sexual health during pregnancy, sexual activity during pregnancy, STIs, protection.

Substance use

Health effects of using cannabis, alcohol, tobacco and vaping during pregnancy

Infant and child health

Planning for your baby’s arrival, childhood obesity, infant care, sleep safety, National Child Day.

For healthcare providers

Family-Centred Maternity and Newborn Care National Guidelines

Resource on maternal and newborn health. It includes the latest information and advice from Canadian experts.

Immunization in pregnancy and breastfeeding: Canadian Immunization Guide

Official immunization guide for health professionals

Perinatal Health Indicators – Public Health Infobase

Maternal, fetal and infant health in Canada based on various data sources.

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