Vision 2030: The future of public health assessment in Canada

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About Vision 2030

The Public Health Agency of Canada is leading Vision 2030, an initiative to envision what public health assessment in Canada should look like by 2030. To develop this vision, we're consulting with diverse public health stakeholders and partners across the country. This way, the vision is inclusive and helps ensure that systems remain relevant and responsive to future public health needs.

The vision will aim to describe:

This will help us to strengthen assessment activities and our ability to detect and act on public health threats.

We're developing this vision by using the latest research findings from biomedical literature and broad consultations with:

The resulting vision will guide stakeholders, including public health professionals, with their own planning and investment processes to strengthen public health assessment systems in Canada.

About public health assessment

Many public health professionals use the term 'public health surveillance' to describe an on-going process of health data:

This process lets us plan, implement and evaluate interventions to protect and improve the health of different populations.

However, for many people the word 'surveillance' means something different. On this page, we instead use the term 'assessment' in 2 ways:

  1. To include monitoring environmental and health status and response to identified problems and hazards.
  2. Interchangeably with surveillance, which is an important part of public health systems aimed at protecting and improving population health.

What we've done so far

We've released a public online consultation and discussion guide to seek input on Vision 2030 from the public and diverse stakeholder groups. We're working with the National Collaborating Centres for Public Health to hold in-depth discussions with public health partners and stakeholders across Canada. This will give them the chance to share their perspectives on the future of public health assessment in Canada.

Online public consultation: A vision for public health assessment for Canada’s future

Sharing what we heard

We'll share the final vision for public health assessment in Canada on this page in 2024.

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