Public Health Practice


  • New measles prevention guidelines incorporate latest Canadian Immunization Guide susceptibility criteria
  • Graduate student placement opportunities available year round at PHAC

Strengthening the practice of public health

One of the primary goals of the Public Health Agency of Canada is to build Canada's public health infrastructure and strengthen the practice of public health across the country. Through the development of tools, networks and training programs we are helping create and sustain a public health workforce that is skilled, knowledgeable, mobile and collaborative.

The activities of PHAC's Centre for Public Health Infrastructure focus on two priorities:

Capacity and capability to act

Canada's public health workforce must be able to respond quickly to emerging and urgent public health events. This requires supportive tools that ensure effective coordination and enable action. By improving Canada's public health networks, we help practitioners collaborate across jurisdictions. By offering up-to-date training and resources, we help build the skills and understanding practitioners need to make a difference in their communities.

Evidence-based public health practice

Information is the starting point for public health—it's the basis for making smarter decisions on disease prevention. Through resources like PHAC's Economic Burden of Illness report we provide the public health community with tools they need to carry out their public health functions. By improving the ways practitioners collect, share and use public health data, we help provide a comprehensive picture of public health across Canada that helps turns knowledge into action and informs public health policy.

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