Rapid testing in the workplace: Information for employees

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Organization: Public Health Agency of Canada

Published: 2022-05-31

Why participate in workplace screening

Your employer has implemented regular workplace screening to help protect you and others from COVID-19.

Combined with existing public health measures, regular screening through rapid testing can help:

How rapid tests work

Handling COVID-19 rapid tests safely

There are potential risks associated with the misuse, accidental ingestion or spillage on the skin of COVID-19 rapid test kit solution. Learn more about these risks and what to do.

What to expect after testing

If you test negative

If you test positive

Fully vaccinated?

You should still take part in your workplace screening initiative if this is advised by your local public health unit. While vaccines are highly effective, there is still a small chance that even if you are fully vaccinated you can become infected and spread COVID-19 to others.

Help limit the spread of COVID-19 by participating in workplace screening.


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