Appreciation: Thank you to peer reviewers


Volume 44-12, December 6, 2018: Adult immunization


Thank you to all the peer reviewers for CCDR in 2018

Many thanks are extended to the following people for the time and expertise they have given to the Canada Communicable Disease Report (CCDR) as peer reviewers in 2018. These individuals have worked anonymously, in their spare time, with no remuneration. Their comments and insights have been vital to enhancing the quality of articles published in CCDR this year.

Natalia Abraham
Rukshanda Ahmad
Kanchana Amaratunga
Brent Avery
Alaa Badawi
Maureen Baikie
Oliver Baclic
Terry Blake Ball
Helen Bangura
Kim Barker
Philippe Bélanger
Lisa Berger
Erika Bontovics
Jennifer Born
William Bowie
Shannon Brent
Trevor-Deutsch Burleigh
Ellen Chan
Robert Clarke
Andrea Coady
Jennifer Cutler
Parminder Dhami
Katherine Defalco
Michel Deilgat
Catherine Dickson
Katherine Dinner
Marwa Ebrahim
David Fisman

Sarah Funnell
Rita Gad
Marc-Andre Gaudreau
Paul Gully
Shalane Ha
Krista Hanniman
Richard Heller
Linda Hoang
Mark Hull
Rahul Jain
Christina Jensen
Kim John
Lilja Jónsdóttir
Darcia Kostiuk
Jennifer Kruse
Annie-Claude Labbé
Y Anita Li
Rita Lemick
Linda Lord
Valérie Martel-Laferrière
Emily Manthorp
Irene Martin
Ariane Massé
Dominik Mertz
Pia Muchaal
Renuka Naraine
Nnamdi Ndubuka
Wilfred Ntiamoah

Toju Ogunremi
Michael Otterstatter
Michael Patterson
Elspeth Payne
Pierre A. Pilon
Thomas Piggott
Pierre Plourde
Lisa Pogany
Elizabeth Rea
Sean Rourke
Dena Schanzer
Alberto Severini
Ameeta Singh
Stephanie Smith
Jim Strong
Joanne Tataryn
Julie Thériault
Karine Thivierge
Karen Timmerman
Raymond Tsang
Matthew Tunis
Marina Ulanova
Monali Varia
Paul Varughese
Wendy Vaudry
Mary Vearncombe
Linlu Zhao
Nathan Zelyas

and any others who may have been inadvertently missed.

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