CCDR: Volume 44-12, December 6, 2018: Adult immunization


Table of contents

Outbreak reports
Investigation and management of a large community mumps outbreak among young adults in Toronto, Canada, January 2017–February 2018
V Dubey, O Ozaldin, L Shulman, R Stuart, J Maclachlan, L Bromley, A Summers

Outbreak of invasive Streptococcus pneumoniae among an inner-city population in Victoria, British Columbia, 2016–2017
G McKee, A Choi, C Madill, J Marriott, P Kibsey, D Hoyano

HIV in Canada—Surveillance Report, 2017
N Haddad, JS Li, S Totten

Vaccine safety surveillance in Canada: reports to CAEFISS, 2017
K Johnson, H Anyoti, C Coulby

Systematic Review
Evidence for optimal HIV screening and testing intervals in HIV-negative individuals from various risk groups: A systematic review
K Timmerman, M Weekes, G Traversy, P Prabakhar, T Austin, S Ha, B Anwar

What is new in the Canadian Immunization Guide: November 2016 to November 2018
A Fleurant-Ceelen, M Tunis, A House, on behalf of the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI)

Can Commun Dis Rep 2018;44(11)

Authors' Correction: Can Commun Dis Rep 2018;44(9)

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