CCDR: Volume 45-1, January 3, 2019: Challenges in infection control


Table of contents

Infection prevention in personal services settings: Evidence, gaps and the way forward
A Popalyar, J Stafford, T Ogunremi, K Dunn

Systematic Review
Effectiveness of hand hygiene practices in preventing influenza virus infection in the community setting: A systematic review
K Moncion, K Young, M Tunis, S Rempel, R Stirling, L Zhao

Outbreak report
Invasive group A streptococcal infection outbreaks of type emm118 in a long-term care facility, and of type emm74 in the homeless population, Montréal, Quebec
PA Pilon, N Savard, J Aho, J Caron, A Urbanek, R Paré, P Le Guerrier, C Savard, K Hammond-Collins, C Dung Tran, R Allard, MC Domingo

West Nile virus illness in Ontario, Canada: 2017
S Wijayasri, MP Nelder, CB Russell, KO Johnson, S Johnson, T Badiani, D Sider

Implementation Science
Canadian Pandemic Influenza Preparedness: Antiviral strategy
B Henry on behalf of the Canadian Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Task Group

CCDR announces new online manuscript submission capacity
CCDR Editorial team

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