CCDR Vol. 47 No. 7/8, July/August 2021: Infant Botulism in Canada, 1979–2019


Table of contents

A warning about measurement and methodological issues associated with coronavirus tracking and evaluation across jurisdictions
R Ladouceur, H Shaffer, P Shaffer, L Baillargeon

COVID-19: A case for the collection of race data in Canada and abroad
E Thompson, R Edjoc, N Atchessi, M Striha, I Gabrani-Juma, T Dawson

Rapid Communication
Epidemiologic and clinical characteristics of multisystem inflammatory syndrome in adults: a rapid review
N Atchessi, R Edjoc, M Striha, L Waddell, N Bresee, T Dawson

Ivermectin treatment for Strongyloides infection in patients with COVID-19
E Leung, S Raybardhan, C Graham, C Nott, BJ Langford, N Andany, W Ciccotelli, S Chakrabarti, II Bogoch, WL Gold, M Pai, AM Morris, A McCarthy

A summary of surveillance, morbidity and microbiology of laboratory-confirmed cases of infant botulism in Canada, 1979–2019
R Harris, C Tchao, N Prystajecky, J Cutler, JW Austin

Implementaion Science
A window of opportunity for intensifying testing and tracing efforts to prevent new COVID-19 outbreaks due to more transmissible variants
J Wu, F Scarabel, Z McCarthy, Y Xiao, NH Ogden

The development of a community-based public health response to an outbreak of post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis in a First Nations community
J Jacob, N Bocking, R Hummelen, J Poirier, L Kelly, S Madden, Y Schreiber

A public health response to a newly diagnosed case of hepatitis C associated with lapse in Infection Prevention and Control practices in a dental setting in Ontario, Canada
C Johnston, V Sunil, D Service, AM Marie Holt, G Garber, L Macdonald, E Kristjanson, T Mazzulli, R Olsha, D Ryding, AL Noseworthy

Covid Brief
COVID-19, protective measures and air travel

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