CCDR Vol. 47 No. 9, September 2021: FluWatchers: A Crowdsourcing Approach


Guest Editor: Liza Lee

Table of contents

Crowdsourced disease surveillance success story: The FluWatchers program
L Lee, S Mukhi, C Bancej

FluWatchers: Evaluation of a crowdsourced influenza-like illness surveillance application for Canadian influenza seasons 2015–2016 to 2018–2019
L Lee, M Desroches, S Mukhi, C Bancej

Representativeness of the FluWatchers Participatory Disease Surveillance Program 2015–2016 to 2018–2019: How do participants compare with the Canadian population?
M Desroches, L Lee, S Mukhi, C Bancej

Advisory Committe Statement
Summary of the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Statement for 2021–2022
A Sinilaite, K Young, R Harrison on behalf of the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI)

Rapid Communication
Burden of illness in infants and young children hospitalized for respiratory syncytial virus: A rapid review
A Wingert, J Pillay, DL Moore, S Guitard, B Vandermeer, MP Dyson, A Sinilaité, M Tunis, L Hartling

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