CCDR: Volume 49-6, June 2023: Acute Hepatitis in Children in Canada

CCDR: Volume 49-6, June 2023: Acute Hepatitis in Children in Canada Download this article as a PDF
Published by: The Public Health Agency of Canada
Date published: June 2023
ISSN: 1481-8531
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Investigation of acute severe hepatitis in children: A review of liver transplant data, Canada, 2021–2022
V Morton, M Hamel, V Ng, S Gilmour, F Alvarez, MI Salvadori


Acute severe hepatitis of unknown origin in children in Canada
J Macri, V Morton, M Hamel, P-L Trépanier, MI Salvadori, Acute Hepatitis Investigation Team


Quantifying the economic gains associated with COVID-19 vaccination in the Canadian population: A cost-benefit analysis
AR Tuite, V Ng, R Ximenes, A Diener, E Rafferty, NH Ogden, M Tunis

Epidemiologic Study

Increased PrEP uptake and PrEP-RN coincide with decreased HIV diagnoses in men who have sex with men in Ottawa, Canada
A Kroch, P O’Byrne, L Orser, P MacPherson, K O’Brien, L Light, R Kang, A Nyambi

Eyewitness Report

Older adults and non-response to rabies post-exposure prophylaxis: Challenges and approaches
R Morrison, C Nguyen, M Taha, RSL Taylor


Surveillance for Ixodes scapularis and Ixodes pacificus ticks and their associated pathogens in Canada, 2020
C Wilson, S Gasmi, A-C Bourgeois, J Badcock, J Carr, N Chahil, H Coatsworth, A Dibernardo, P Goundar, P Leighton, M-K Lee, M Morshed, M Ripoche, J Savage on behalf of eTick, H Smadi, C Smolarchuk, K Thivierge, J Koffi

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