Vol 34, No 2-3, July 2014 - Chronic Diseases and Injuries in Canada (CDIC)

Volume 34 · Number 2-3 · July 2014

Inside this issue

  1. Editorial – Bicycle injuries and injury prevention

    I. B. Pless

  2. Injuries and helmet use related to non-motorized wheeled activities among pediatric patients

    H. Lindsay, M. Brussoni

  3. Intentional injury hospitalizations in geographical areas with a high percentage of Aboriginal-identity residents, 2004/2005 to 2009/2010

    L. N. Oliver, P. Finès, E. Bougie, D. Kohen

  4. Modelling preventive effectiveness to estimate the equity tipping point: at what coverage can individual preventive interventions reduce socioeconomic disparities in diabetes risk?

    D. G. Manuel, T. H. Ho, S. Harper, G. M. Anderson, J. Lynch, L. C. Rosella

  5. Cancer risk factors and screening in the off-reserve First Nations, Métis and non-Aboriginal populations of Ontario

    D. R. Withrow, A. Amartey, L. D. Marrett

  6. Are Canadian youth still exposed to second-hand smoke in homes and in cars?

    A. Barisic, S. T. Leatherdale, R. Burkhalter, R. Ahmed

  7. Are experimental smokers different from their never-smoking classmates? A multilevel analysis of Canadian youth in grades 9 to 12

    S. C. Kaai, S. R. Manske, S. T. Leatherdale, K. S. Brown, D. Murnaghan

  8. A comprehensive profile of the sociodemographic, psychosocial and health characteristics of Ontario home care clients with dementia

    M. Vu, D. B. Hogan, S. B. Patten, N. Jetté, S. E. Bronskill, G. Heckman, M. J. Kergoat, J. P. Hirdes, X. Chen, M. M. Zehr, C. J. Maxwell

  9. Performance of administrative case definitions for comorbidity in multiple sclerosis in Manitoba and Nova Scotia

    R. A. Marrie, J. D. Fisk, K. J. Stadnyk, H. Tremlett, C. Wolfson, S. Warren, V. Bhan, B. N. Yu, for the CIHR Team in the Epidemiology and Impact of Comorbidity on Multiple Sclerosis

  10. Building knowledge development and exchange capacity in Canada: lessons from Youth Excel

    B. Riley, K. Wong, S. Manske

  11. Epidemiology of allergic rhinitis in Quebec: from a 2008 population-based survey

    M. Canuel, G. Lebel

  12. Short Communication – The role of animal-sourced insulin in the treatment of type 1 diabetes and its availability

    A. V. Klein, E. Taylor, C. Legaré, D. Vu, E. Griffiths

  13. Report Summary – Seniors' Falls in Canada: Second Report: key highlights

    A. Stinchcombe, N. Kuran, S. Powell

  14. Letter to the Editor
  15. Release notice: Canadian Cancer Statistics 2014
  16. With thanks to our 2013 peer reviewers

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