Vol 34, No 4, November 2014 - Chronic Diseases and Injuries in Canada (CDIC)

Volume 34 · Number 4 · November 2014

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  1. Health inequalities associated with neighbourhood deprivation in the Quebec population with hypertension in primary prevention of cardiovascular disease

    A. Vanasse, J. Courteau, S. Asghari, D. Leroux, L. Cloutier

  2. Active and safe transportation of elementary-school students: comparative analysis of the risks of injury associated with children travelling by car, walking and cycling between home and school

    M. Lavoie, G. Burigusa, P. Maurice, D. Hamel, É. Turmel

  3. Developing injury indicators for First Nations and Inuit children and youth in Canada: a modified Delphi approach

    I. Pike, R. J. McDonald, S. Piedt, A. K. Macpherson

  4. Chronic disease and chronic disease risk factors among First Nations, Inuit and Métis populations of northern Canada

    S. G. Bruce, N. D. Riediger, L. M. Lix

  5. Multimorbidity disease clusters in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Caucasian populations in Canada

    J. P. Kuwornu, L. M. Lix, S. Shooshtari

  6. Quebec Integrated Chronic Disease Surveillance System (QICDSS), an innovative approach

    C. Blais, S. Jean, C. Sirois, L. Rochette, C. Plante, I. Larocque, M. Doucet, G. Ruel, M. Simard, P. Gamache, D. Hamel, D. St-Laurent, V. Émond

  7. Awakening professionals’ critical awareness of health literacy issues within a francophone linguistic-minority population in Ontario

    M. S. Zanchetta, C. Maheu, C. Fontaine, L. Salvador-Watts, N. Wong

  8. Selfreported health behaviour change in adults: analysis of the Canadian Community Health Survey 4.1

    C. Haberman, P. Brauer, J. J. Dwyer, A. M. Edwards

  9. Agreement between survey data and Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) data with respect to the diagnosis of asthma and medical services use for asthma in children

    C. Plante, S. Goudreau, L. Jacques, F. Tessier

  10. Roll-your-own tobacco use among Canadian youth: current prevalence and changes in youth smoking “rollies” since 2008

    A. G. Cole, S. T. Leatherdale, V. L. Rynard

  11. Letter to the Editor
  12. Chronic Disease and Injury Indicator Framework: Quick Stats, Fall 2014 Edition,

    Surveillance and Epidemiology Division, Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention,
    Public Health Agency of Canada
  13. Erratum
  14. Other PHAC publications

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