ARCHIVED: National Immunization Strategy (NIS): Final Report 2003


A Report
from the F/P/T Advisory Committee on
Population Health and Health Security (ACPHHS)
to the
Conference of F/P/T Deputy Ministers of Health

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Over the past several years, the Advisory Committee on Population Health and Health Security (ACPHHS) has supported development of a national approach to addressing immunization issues in Canada. During this period, numerous meetings and consultations with federal, provincial, and territorial (F/P/T) public health representatives and other relevant stakeholders were undertaken to identify and develop collaborative approaches to strengthening immunization in Canada.

The value of this collaborative work was reflected in the February 2003 First Ministers' Accord on Health Care Renewal, which included direction to Health Ministers to continue their pursuit of a national immunization strategy. The 2003 Federal Budget provided $45 million over five years to assist in the continued pursuit of a national immunization strategy, as directed by First Ministers. Specifically, Health Canada is to receive $5 million in 2003-04 and $10 million in 2004-05 and ongoing. This funding will enable strengthened collaboration with the provinces, territories and key stakeholders to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of immunization programs in Canada, but will not be used for vaccine procurement.

The "Final Report: National Immunization Strategy," describes the key components and supporting activities associated with a national immunization strategy in Canada. In June 2003, the Conference of F/P/T Deputy Ministers of Health accepted this document as advice in moving forward with immunization issues in Canada. It was recognized, however, that not all jurisdictions would have the necessary funding available to implement the approach outlined in this document, particularly as it relates to the collaborative purchase of new vaccines.

To continue working towards a national immunization strategy, Health Canada will facilitate ongoing discussions with the provinces, territories and key stakeholders. As part of this process, immunization programming activities at Health Canada will be expanded or developed, such as enhancing surveillance of vaccine-associated adverse events and vaccine-preventable diseases, coordinating common approaches to immunization registries, enhancing F/P/T vaccine procurement processes, strengthening immunization research activities, developing approaches to special populations, and public and professional education.

Continued discussion with federal, provincial and territorial public health representatives to address current and future immunization issues will contribute to pursuing a national immunization strategy. Provinces and territories will continue to be responsible for planning, funding, and delivering immunization programs to their respective populations and to contribute to the shared activities that support a national immunization strategy.

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