Infographic - Online Child Sexual Exploitation

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Online Child Sexual Exploitation Is a growing problem in Canada

Many people don't realize how prevalent this horrific crime is. If we don't acknowledge the problem, we can't help put an end to it.

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Online Child Sexual Exploitation is Happening Right Now

4.3 Million child sexual exploitation reports processed by from 2014–2020 Footnote1

88% Increase in sextortion and other online exploitation reports to since the pandemic began Footnote2

Nearly 1 in 4 parents have come across inappropriate online behaviour aimed at their child Footnote3

1 in 3 parents were asked by their children about questionable online activity Footnote4

To Canadian Children

1 in 10 children are sexually victimized before they turn 18 Footnote5

39% of luring attempts reported to in the last 2 years involved victims 13 or under Footnote6

Almost Half of parents have never spoken to their children about sextortion or sexting Footnote7

Who are Online and Vulnerable

Nearly 100% of Canadian youth (15–30) use the Internet daily or own their own smartphone device Footnote8

80% of students said they rarely or never have an adult in the room when online Footnote9

1 in 3 luring attempts reported to happened on Instagram, Snapchat or KIK Messenger (34%) Footnote10

But You Can Take Action

  • Be aware that online child sexual exploitation is an issue
  • Talk openly and regularly with your child
  • Learn to spot the warning signs

Get help when needed

Learn more about what you can do to help prevent online child sexual exploitation.

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