Authorization for departments and agencies to use an alternative method to assess second language proficiency (22-05)

Dear colleagues,

To meet the growing demand for services following the easing of pandemic restrictions, the use of alternative assessment methods for second language evaluation will be permitted on a temporary basis for departments and agencies that receive authorization from the Public Service Commission (PSC).

Effective immediately, departments and agencies seeking to take advantage of this measure are invited to contact their staffing support advisor for information on requirements for authorization.

This measure will allow departments and agencies to assess the 3 language skills (oral proficiency, reading comprehension and written expression) with their own assessment method. These assessment results may be reused for other appointments within the same organization.

Please note that the alternative assessment method must respect the Guiding Principles for Alternate Methods to Second Language Evaluation Tests: Targeted Policy Exemption.

Departments and agencies will be asked to report on the use of this measure in their annual reporting to the PSC. More information about reporting will be provided.

Our questions and answers for human resources specialists will be adjusted accordingly. For more information, contact your staffing support advisor.

Thank you.

Gaveen Cadotte
Policy and Communications Sector
Public Service Commission of Canada

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