Spotlight on diverse assessment boards

The federal public service continues to advance a culture that promotes diversity and inclusion. All levels of management must lead by example in building a workforce representative of all Canadians.

One way to do this is by having diverse assessment boards for assessing candidates in hiring processes.

What is a diverse assessment board

The concept of a diverse assessment board is not defined in the Public Service Employment Act or other policy instruments. However, it is commonly understood as a board made up of individuals from different backgrounds, including equity-seeking groups.

Benefits of a diverse and inclusive assessment board

Key considerations

How to ensure a diverse assessment board

Keep in mind

Best practices

Additional resources


The Canada School of Public Service offers a range of courses to support your learning on inclusive hiring and unconscious bias. You can explore the School’s extensive catalogue of courses, events, programs and other learning tools. Their website provides detailed information on their products and services.

Training available through departments, agencies, and human resources specialists can also be a valuable resource to support your learning.


Biases and barriers

Indigenous Peoples

Persons with disabilities

Inclusive recruitment




The Public Service Commission of Canada’s Personnel Psychology Centre offers professional services for:

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