Disclosure of personal information

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Prior to disclosure, the PSC shall consider whether the public interest outweighs the privacy interests of the individual.

Public Service Employment Regulations (s. 19)

The PSC has the authority under the relevant Regulations to release the personal information of an individual if such a disclosure would:

  • Promote fair and transparent employment practices
  • Promote accountability
  • Correct wrongdoing or improper employment practices and prevent recurrences
  • Encourage the adoption or continuance of proper employment practices

Political Activities Regulations (s. 14)

The Public Service Commission has the authority under the relevant regulations to release an individual’s personal information, if the disclosure would:

  • promote political impartiality in the public service
  • promote accountability
  • correct improper political activity or prevent recurrence of such activity
  • encourage the adoption or continuance of proper practices regarding political activity

Article 8 of the Privacy Act includes other circumstances in which personal information can be disclosed.

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