The Candidate Achievement Record

As of June 30, 2023, this assessment tool will no longer be available. 

What is it?

  • A tool which assesses key leadership competencies through self-reported examples of past performance and work-related achievements.
  • A template that candidates use to describe situations in which they have demonstrated behaviours associated with various competencies.

How does the CAR work?

  • We provide candidates with a template that includes the definition of each competency being assessed as well as the behavioural indicators underlying each competency.
  • We ask candidates to fill out the questionnaire by describing in a structured manner past achievements which best illustrate how they have demonstrated specific competencies in the context of their work.
  • Candidates must provide the name of a person who can validate each achievement described.

How is the CAR scored?

  • Two assessors who possess vast experience as executives within the public service individually score the CAR.
  • They integrate the results during a session led by a PPC psychologist.
  • We validate at least one competency per CAR by contacting the referees.
  • We provide a report explaining each candidate's results.

Factors we consider when scoring the CAR

  • Does the example reflect all of the behavioural indicators underlying the competency?
  • What is the breadth and depth of the demonstration of each behavioural indicator?
  • Does the example describe behaviours that reflect the general level of competence required at the level being assessed (e.g. EX-1 level)?

What are the advantages of using the CAR in a selection process?

  • An impartial, fair and reliable evaluation done by experts from the Personnel Psychology Centre.
  • The possibility of creating a personalized tool by selecting the competencies and behavioural indicators to be assessed based on client needs.
  • Depending on the number of CAR to be scored, a period of approximately two weeks is required to get the results (i.e. time for individual scoring by contractual assessors and integration session) and to receive the report.

For more information:

Please contact the Personnel Psychology Centre 819-420-8671 or by email.

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