Candidate Information

To write a PSC test:

  • You have to participate in an appointment process requiring you to write a specific test and be invited to the testing session by the department holding the process.

Note: The Personnel Psychology Centre (PPC) doesn't hold testing sessions. However, it provides test material to departments who make the request. The reason a department is testing is to assess candidates competencies for a position it wants to fill. Therefore, you cannot be tested for a test unless a federal department or agency is looking for applicants to fill a position. Visit Public service jobs to see a list of the jobs available.

If you have a disability or functional limitations (persons who have a long-term or recurring physical, mental, sensory, psychiatric or learning impairment) and you require assessment accommodations, please inform the human resources advisor responsible for the appointment process. The PPC must be contacted by the HR advisor since only the PPC can establish assessment accomodations when a PSC test is used. You'll have to complete a questionnaire related to your functional limitations and in the case of a disability that is particularly complex, we may require professional documentation. We will inform you if this is the case.

Know the exact date, time and location of the test administration session.

Bring to the test session:

  • Your Personal Record Identifier (PRI), if you are a public servant. This number will be recorded on your answer sheet;
  • One piece of signature and photo identification
  • A watch:
    • Managing your time during the test session is your responsibility.

For this test, you are not allowed the use of a calculator.

Arrive in plenty of time before the test. You will not be allowed into the room once the test has begun.

Can you study for the test? Review the sample questions on the “Sample Test Questions”.

Test Results

PPC will score your answer sheet and return the results to the department, usually within 48 hours, however the department may wait until all the results are in before providing them to the candidates. The person responsible for the appointment process in the department, where you wrote your exam, is responsible for providing you with a paper copy of your results. We strongly encourage you to take down the name, telephone number and/or email address of the person responsible for the testing. This way, you'll be able to inquire if you do not receive a copy of your results. You should keep this copy in your records as you may be asked to write the same test again in the future for another appointment process.

Privacy Notice Statement

“The information pertaining to your results on this particular test will be disclosed to the requesting department or organization for staffing related matters. The personal information you provide in Part 2 of the Answer Sheet is voluntary and will be used by the Public Service Commission only, for statistical purposes and to do analysis and research in the areas of test development. All information is collected under the authority of the Public Service Employment Act and is protected under the Privacy Act. For more information, see Info Source (Personal Information Bank numbers PSC-PPU-025/030/035).”

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