Candidate Information on the Managerial In-Basket Exercise

  • If you have a disability and you require testing accommodations, be sure to notify those in charge of the test administration well in advance of the testing date so that they can take the necessary steps to determine the appropriate accommodations.
  • Bring one piece of signature identification with photo and your Personal Record Identifier (PRI), if you are a public servant. This number will be recorded on your answer sheet. Candidates can also bring their own highlighters and pens to do the test.
  • Arrive in plenty of time before the testing session, as you will NOT be allowed into the room once the testing has begun.
  • You have the option of using either a pen or a pencil to write your responses. Highlighting markers may be used to highlight material in the test booklet. If you wish to use a pen or highlighting markers, you must bring your own to the testing session, as they will not be supplied by the test administrator.
  • Can you study for the test? The In-Basket Exercise requires no specialized or technical training, knowledge or experience, so you can not study for it directly. Try to forget that you are in an assessment situation and perform as if you were on the job, giving the in-basket items the consideration and attention required. If you have to travel to take the exercise, arrange your schedule so that you are not rushed.
  • Privacy Statement “The information pertaining to your results on this particular test will be disclosed to the requesting department or organization for staffing related matters. The personal information you provide in Part 2 of the Answer Sheet is voluntary and will be used by the Public Service Commission only, for statistical purposes and to do analysis and research in the areas of test development. All information is collected under the authority of the Public Service Employment Act and is protected under the Privacy Act. For more information, see Info Source (Personal Information Bank numbers PSC-PPU-025/030/035).”

Communication of Results

The Personnel Psychology Centre of the Public Service Commission is responsible for scoring the In-Basket Exercise. The results are sent to the responsible human resources consultant who then communicates them to you. Please note that since this exercise is used for staffing purposes and is not a diagnostic instrument used for career development purposes, the information available with respect to your performance is limited to the rating for overall ability to manage and the rating for each specific managerial ability: more detailed feedback cannot be provided.

If you wish to take the In-Basket Exercise again, you will be eligible to do so after a waiting period of 180 days. The responsible manager may accept your previous results or may ask you to take the exercise again if the waiting period has expired.

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