Written Communication Test (WCT-345) – Candidate Information

Written Communication Test (WCT-345)

  • If you have a disability and you require testing accommodations, be sure to notify those in charge of the test administration well in advance of the testing date so that they can take the necessary steps to determine the appropriate accommodations.
  • Bring one piece of signature identification with photo and your Personal Record Identifier (PRI), if you are a public servant. This number will be recorded on your answer sheet.
  • Arrive in plenty of time before the test. You will NOT be allowed into the room once the test has begun.
  • You have the option of using either a pen or a pencil to write your responses. Highlighting markers may be used to highlight material in the test booklet. If you wish to use a pen or highlighting markers, you must bring your own to the testing session, as they will not be supplied by the test administrator.
  • Budget your time, work quickly and use all the time available. You must turn in a final copy of your summary. If you make a rough draft, be sure to allow yourself enough time to rewrite it. Please also be sure to write legibly.
  • Can you study for the test? Practice your writing skills. Find a text of general interest (e.g. a magazine article on a topic not familiar to you) that is approximately 2,000 words long, and summarize it within 1 ½ hours. Have someone else review your summary for errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation, as well as for style and content (how well you covered the content of the article).
  • Privacy Statement
    “The information pertaining to your results on this particular test will be disclosed to the requesting department or organization for staffing related matters. The personal information you provide in Part 2 of the Answer Sheet is voluntary and will be used by the Public Service Commission only, for statistical purposes and to do analysis and research in the areas of test development. All information is collected under the authority of the Public Service Employment Act and is protected under the Privacy Act. For more information, see Info Source (Personal Information Bank numbers PSC-PPU-025/030/035).”

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