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Management Test Development

Management Test Development develops instruments to assess management and leadership competencies for all levels of management. These assessment tools are developed either for resourcing or developmental purposes. Examples include:

  • Management simulations
  • Structured reference checks
  • Management in-basket exercises
  • Leadership screens
  • Behavioural event interviews (e.g., track record interview)
  • Tailoring of existing PPC managerial assessment tools
  • Board interviews
  • Integration tools

Occupational Test Development

Occupational Test Development develops cost-effective screening tools and assessment tools tailored to specific jobs or competencies for officer and administrative support positions. Examples include:

Quality Assurance and Equity in Assessment

This newly created Project Team addresses professional standards ethics, quality assurance and employment equity with respect to the assessment instruments developed and created by the Research and Development Division. We can help you to:

  • Better meet employment equity goals by providing information on principles of fair and equitable assessment
  • Evaluate your own assessment instruments by providing information on standards of reliability, validity, fairness and adverse impact
  • Develop your own assessment instruments by providing professional guidelines for developing standardized instruments

Quantitative Analyses

  • Analytical reports on assessment results for groups of candidates from various departments(e.g., the managerial competencies of groups assessed at EXA from Department Y)
  • Development and analysis of surveys/survey results related to HR issues
  • Psychometric and research analyses and advice to senior management regarding the use and added value of assessment tools

Work opportunities in psychology

Does the Personnel Psychology Centre (PPC) offer work opportunities for graduate students in psychology?

  • Yes, the PPC periodically offers graduate students in Industrial/Organizational (Personnel) Psychology and other relevant fields of psychology work opportunities aimed at giving them on-the-job experience in the areas of test development, assessment and applied research.
  • Students are directed to the Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP) for general information, regulations and opportunities related to student employment in the federal public service.
  • Please note that under the FSWEP program, preference is given to Canadian citizens. A Canadian citizen is a person who was born in Canada or who has applied through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and has received a citizenship certificate (see Public service jobs).

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