Human Resources Consultant Simulation Exercise (410)

As of June 30, 2023, this simulation exercise will no longer be available.  


To provide the candidate and the hiring manager with an evaluation of the candidate’s human resources consultant abilities, based on the PE Competency Profile (2016).


  • the candidate deals directly with human resources consultant issues and challenges via simulation exercises
  • the simulation requires handling a range of analytical and interactive situations that human resources consultants encounter daily while performing their duties
  • the candidate’s role is to advise managers responsible for making human resources management decisions and to work with managers as partners
  • the assessment board observes the candidate during the exercise
  • can be useful in selecting or promoting people to human resources consultant positions or in identifying training and development needs and counselling for career transitions

Assessment process

Before the assessment, the candidate receives:

  • background information (envelope A) on a simulated organization, including
    • a description of its mandate and vision
    • organizational charts
    • specific human resources consultant responsibilities

The candidate should study carefully the background information provided in envelope A and bring it on the day of the assessment.

The day of the assessment the candidate receives:

  • envelope B (exercise items) which contains specific human resources consultant problems requiring attention and action. The items consist of:
    • emails
    • messages
    • letters
    • reports

The candidate is given three hours to complete four inter-related tasks:

  • Preparation and Work Plan
    • Review exercise items, prepare an oral presentation and complete a written action plan. The action plan is provided to the assessment board.
  • Oral Presentation
    • Give an oral presentation to the assessment board, reflecting an analysis of problems and priorities, along with advice and recommendations to address the issues.
  • Question Period
    • Respond to questions posed by the assessment board on the presentation and work plan.
  • Role Plays
    • Interact with members of the assessment board on issues related to the simulation content.


The board members evaluate the effectiveness of the candidate’s actions and decisions regarding the problems presented in the simulation.  The board members then rate the individual on the following competencies from the PE Competency Profile.

Definitions of the competencies evaluated

Thinking Things Through  

Brings a range of business considerations and perspectives to situations/issues; ensures that thorough analysis supports recommendations and decision-making; addresses needs for strategic risk considerations.

Showing Initiative and Being Action-Oriented

Contributes to achievement of organization’s objectives by focusing on achieving results consistent with the organization’s values, principles and standards; includes adjusting efforts to adapt to change.

Working Effectively with Others

Establishes partnerships and maintains professional relations to foster joint projects aimed at developing policies, services and value-added products for HR activities; includes gaining support for ideas, proposals and solutions. Works cooperatively with others and capitalizes on strengths to achieve goals.

Demonstrating Integrity and Respect

Behaves in a transparent, fair, compassionate, and inclusive manner. Demonstrates the principles and values of the public service.


Communicates (verbally and in writing) ideas and information in an effective and professional manner to ensure that messages are understood.

Client Service Orientation

Takes responsibility to provide service to meet the needs of internal and external clients, including being aware of business objectives and priorities.

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