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Looking to hire diverse candidates? Visit the new and improved Virtual Door to Talent with Disabilities, your one-stop shop for all of the Public Service Commission of Canada’s hiring inventories for persons with disabilities – students, graduates and partially or fully assessed candidates.

Looking to recruit skilled and experienced candidates, including members of employment equity groups, to public service jobs? We can help. Hire from PSC inventories or pools year-round, and select candidates from across the country, in a variety of fields, at no cost. You can also showcase your job opportunities or developmental programs by partnering with us.

How it works

To find candidates who meet your hiring needs, you can:

Hire from our inventories and pools

Hiring partially or fully assessed candidates is easy using our inventories and pools. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select the inventory or the pool that best meets your recruitment needs
  2. Complete and submit the online form — you can target your search to any employment equity group
  3. We’ll match candidates to your needs and connect them to you
  4. Assess, hire and onboard your new employee(s)
  5. Share the results of your experience with us — we’ll follow up with you for your feedback

Available inventories

For an overview of each inventory composition, visit our GCpedia page (accessible only on the Government of Canada network).

Showcase your job opportunities with us

Not seeing the inventory you’re looking for? Let us know which job categories you’d like to see included, so that we can better meet your needs. Thinking of participating in upcoming recruitment campaigns? Contact us by email at:

Contact us

Have questions? To learn more about the Post-Secondary Recruitment program, email us at!

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