The Long Term Vision and Plan: Annual Report 2018 to 2019

About this report

The 2018 to 2019 annual report outlines the achievements of the Long Term Vision and Plan (LTVP) in modernizing and restoring the Parliamentary Precinct. Throughout the annual report, you will learn about the projects underway and the progress in the Parliamentary Precinct, as well as the intricacies of the LTVP. The report also provides an update on the LTVP implementation progress, accomplishments, and a preview of projects to come. The annual report also provides a full account of how funds invested in the LTVP have been spent to provide the best value to Canadians.

The report is divided into the following 7 sections to provide a complete picture of the LTVP:

  • Introducing the Parliamentary Precinct : Provides an overview of the LTVP, including its background, its components, how it’s delivered, and its latest update
  • Over a decade of success: showcases the achievements that the LTVP has delivered since its inception
  • Year in review: highlights the historic achievements of LTVP projects over the past fiscal year
  • Integrated Parliamentary Campus: provides an overview of the new integrated campus strategy
  • Delivering results for Canadians : illustrates the ways in which the LTVP contributes to the social, cultural, and economic fabric of Canadians across the country
  • Program financial performance: informs of the progress, achievements, and upcoming plans for LTVP programs
  • Financial information summary: details the financial components of LTVP programs and their expenditures over the past fiscal year

The LTVP Annual Report is developed in accordance with the Government of Canada’s commitment to openness, transparency, and accountability. It reduces paper consumption through its online posting on the departmental website, making it easier for Canadians to follow the LTVP progress and the historic work being done to restore precinct buildings.

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