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Only if your federal department or agency is served by the Pay Centre.

As a manager or staffing or finance professional, you must complete and attach a pay action request (PAR) form when submitting a service request to the Pay Centre and forward it by email on behalf of an employee. Your submitted form must be complete (with all necessary supporting documents attached) or it will be rejected and returned to you. Note that as a manager with delegated authority you will still require a departmental Trusted Source who will authenticate your signature and confirm your authority to approve the request.

Issue with Fillable PDF Forms

Please note there are known conversion issues when fillable forms are updated or completed through Internet browsers. This also impacts the subtype not being displayed on the Pay Action Request form when accessing through this method. This affects clients both in work (government networks) and home environments (personal computers).


  1. Download the PDF version of the requested form on your desktop
  2. Right click to select 'Open With' in either Adobe Acrobat, Foxit PDF Editor, or Kofax Power PDF.

Do not open or edit the form within Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox or other browsers.

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What you need before you start

Before you submit a request

Managers need to confirm that the department’s human resources unit has already submitted any new employee’s documentation to the Pay Centre. The Pay Centre cannot respond to any request until it receives the required information.


Step 1: Confirm eligibility

To be eligible to submit a pay action request, your department or agency must be served by the Pay Centre.

Consult the list of departments and agencies served by the Public Service Pay Centre.

Not listed? Contact your manager or departmental compensation advisor, and they will help you with any pay-related requests.

Step 2: Access the form

You may request a pay action from the Pay Centre for one employee or for multiple employees.

Pay action request for one employee

Use this form if you are a manager preparing the request on behalf of one of your employees. As a manager, you must have financial delegation of authority under Financial Administration Act Section 34 to approve the form. Any PAR form requiring a manager’s approval also requires a trusted source.

If your department offers a centralized Trusted Source and PAR form review service, you are encouraged to send your form to them first, as they will ensure that your request and documentation are fully complete and will then submit to the Pay Centre on your behalf. Such departments include the following:

  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Health Canada
  • National Defence; Human resources (HR) Connect RH (1-833-RHR-MDND): 1-833-747-6363
  • Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Public Services and Procurement Canada; My HRResource: 1-844-641-5882
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Avoid saving the form to your desktop for re-use, as these forms are subject to change and your submission will be rejected if you send in an out-of-date form.

Accessible HTML

Pay action request form: 446-5E


Pay action request for multiple employees

Use this form if you are a manager submitting a request for multiple employees all requiring the same pay action (with the same work type or sub type).

What are work and sub types?

Accessible HTML

Bulk pay action request form: 446-6E


Submitting a bulk pay action request

Initiating the year-end mandatory cash-out of vacation or compensatory leave

These requests are typically done in bulk and have a distinct process. As a manager, you must email a PeopleSoft report (as an .xls file) or an Excel spreadsheet first to your departmental trusted source, who will then submit to the Pay Centre’s Operational Support Triage group. (There is no requirement for a PAR form.)  Your departmental trusted source will then authenticate your approval and send it to the Pay Centre at the following email address:

Step 3: Complete the form

You may complete the form either on-screen or by hand. However, by choosing to complete it on-screen, you:

Make sure that you complete each mandatory field on either the pay action request form or the bulk pay action request form.

Pay extra attention

Avoid having to resubmit the form. How? Consult the list of reasons for potential rejection.


Completing the different sections

The employee information section of the form should be easy to understand. The following information may help you complete the other sections of either the individual or bulk request form.

Work and sub work-types

You are required to provide the work-type, sub work type or both on the form.

Consult the list of work and sub work-types: This information applies to both the individual and bulk request forms, although the bulk PAR form has only sub-types.


If you are an employee and you are initiating a request that your manager with delegated authority must approve, then you must provide your manager’s name and email address, and ideally their telephone number, in the requester section.

If you are a manager or work in staffing, you are the requester and must provide your contact information.

If you are an employee and the pay action is a work type/sub-type that you are permitted to submit on your own, without the need for a manager approval (and trusted source validation), then you must provide your own contact information as the requester.

Trusted source

The trusted source is the person responsible for ensuring that managers with a financial delegation of authority under Section 34 of the Financial Administration Act are authenticated for all requests affecting financial results, the manager’s budget or both before being sent to the Pay Centre.

Trusted sources and pay action requests

If you are an employee or a manager, leave the trusted source section blank and forward your partially complete form to your departmental trusted source for validation and submission to the Pay Centre on your behalf.

Did you remember?

If you are completing the PDF version of the individual or bulk request form, don’t forget to provide the number of pages and today’s date at the top-right-hand corner of the form.


Step 4: Submit the form

If you do not require a trusted source and are emailing the form, save the form to your computer, so you can attach it to your email. Alternatively, you may email the form directly from Adobe Reader if you completed the PDF version. Send the form to the following address:



All PAR forms requiring a Trusted Source must be submitted to the Pay Centre via a trusted source email address, or they will be returned. If your form does not require a trusted source and you prefer not to email it, you can still print and send the form to one of the following coordinates:

Mail to the Pay Centre

Public Service Pay Centre: Mail Facility
PO Box 6500
Matane QC G4W 0H6

Fax to the Pay Centre


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