Request an emergency salary advance or priority payment

What you can do if you haven't been paid or are missing pay.

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Emergency salary advance

Emergency salary advances are used to provide a payment to new employees and employees returning from leave without pay until their pay file in Phoenix can be brought up to date. To learn when emergency salary advances are issued and how they are calculated, consult:

Priority payment

Priority payments are used for employees who are already on the payroll but have not received the full amount they are owed for their regular pay and allowances.

Who is eligible

You may apply for an emergency salary advance or priority payment if you:

How to make a request

Each department and agency is responsible for issuing emergency salary advances and priority payments to its employees. Contact your manager if you are eligible, and they will advise you of the process.

Flexible recovery

To reduce additional financial hardship and stress on employees, a modified process and flexibilities were introduced in October 2021.

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