Subject and Case Numbers for Grievances
Subject Case Numbers
Administrative Discharge  
  • Improper Appointment


  • Medical Discharge

G-223, G-233, G-261, G-266, G-267, G-284, G-285, G-312, G-434, G-436, G-444, G-501, G-531, G-535, G-603, G-535, G-652, G-666, G-697

  • Procedural Fairness


  • Workforce Adjustment Directive (WFAD)


Admissibility of Fresh Evidence at Level II


Bilingualism Bonus

G-204, G-207, G-220, G-228, G-231, G-613

Charter of Rights and Freedoms

G-426, G-512


G-206, G-219, G-279, G-321, G-336, G-343

Complaints on Internal Investigations


Disclosure of Personal Information

G-208, G-209, G-210, G-447, G-448, G-459

  • Gender

G-379, G-380, G-412, G-413, G-502, G-546, G-724

  • Mandatory Retirement Age
G-325, G-445
  • Marital Status


  • Pay Equity


  • Physical Disability

G-427, G-477, G-478, G-512, G-614, G-658, G-782

  • Race
G-548, G-676
  • Sexual Orientation
G-546, G-676
Duty to Accommodate

G-423, G-513, G-542, G-614

Government Housing

G-314, G-346, G-361, G-384, G-749


G-216, G-235, G-237, G-251, G-253, G-268, G-270, G-287 to G-292, G-293, G-294, G-298, G-302, G-322, G-323, G-324, G-326, G-347, G-350, G-351, G-352, G-354, G-355, G-356, G-362, G-367, G-377, G-378, G-382, G-397, G-402, G-403, G-405, G-407, G-410.1, G-410.2, G-410.3, G-414, G-416, G-417, G-420, G-424, G-429, G-430, G-431, G-433, G-437, G-438, G-439, G-440, G-453, G-474, G-479, G-482, G-483, G-489, G-493, G-499, G-504, G-506, G-507, G-508, G-510, G-511, G-514, G-515, G-518, G-519, G-520, G-521, G-538, G-539, G-540, G-543, G-551, G-552, G-553, G-554, G-558, G-560, G-570, G-571, G-594, G-595, G-596, G-616, G-628, G-629, G-630, G-631, G-632, G-633, G-641, G-646, G-657, G-668, G-669, G-670, G-671, G-672, G-673, G-676, G-682, G-689, G-690, G-692, G-694, G-732, G-735, G-753, G-754, G-755, G-756, G-757, G-758, G-763, G-774, G-775, G-776

Incomplete File

G-429, G-430

Isolated Posts

G-255, G-269, G-365, G-368, G-369, G-384, G-449, G-450, G-451, G-460, G-461, G-462, G-463, G-469, G-470, G-473, G-480, G-484, G-495, G-496, G-497, G-498, G-559, G-561, G-597, G-600, G-606, G-640, G-644, G-663, G-737

Job-Sharing - Buy Back Pension

G-412, G-413

Language Requirements

G-229, G-252, G-271, G-428, G-443, G-452, G-485

Leave without Pay

G-414, G-547, G-555, G-624, G-782

Legal Counsel at Public Expense

G-234, G-247, G-277, G-282, G-283, G-313, G-316, G-327, G-339, G-340, G-358, G-466, G-467, G-635, G-636, G-647, G-648, G-649, G-650, G-665, G-771, G-772, G-773

Living Accommodation Charges Directive (LACD)

G-214, G-249, G-273, G-361

Meal Allowance  
  • Mid-Shift Meals

G-375, G-572, G-573, G-574, G-575, G-576, G-577, G-578, G-579, G-580, G-581, G-582, G-583, G-584, G-585, G-586, G-587, G-588, G-589, G-590, G-591, G-592, G-593, G-622

  • Other

G-238, G-265, G-303, G-304, G-305, G-306, G-307, G-308, G-309, G-310, G-334, G-341, G-371, G-387, G-388, G-389, G-390, G-391, G-393, G-395, G-396, G-421, G-593

  • Short Term Relocation


  • Travel of Less than One Day

G-256, G-257, G-258, G-259, G-376, G-408, G-500

  • Travel Dtatus for Medical Purposes


Medical Discharge

G-223, G-233, G-261, G-266, G-267, G-284, G-285, G-434, G-436, G-444, G-501, G-531, G-535, G-603, G-782

Mootness G-686, G-687, G-765
Occupational Health and Safety


Occupational Health and Safety - Medical Profile

G-516, G-531

Orders of Dress


Overpayment Recovery



G-393, G-395, G-396, G-398, G-401, G-432, G-487

Participation in Outside Activity G-686, G-687
Premature Grievance

G-275, G-276, G-315, G-317, G-424, G-659

Procedural Errors

G-431, G-433, G-434, G-436, G-444, G-448, G-568, G-635, G-636, G-676, G-690, G-692, G-777

Referability of the Matter to the ERC

G-213, G-224, G-236, G-241, G-243, G-245, G-264, G-344, G-370, G-399, G-400, G-435, G-456, G-490, G-525, G-526, G-536, G-545, G-564, G-565, G-566, G-567, G-598, G-601, G-602, G-617, G-618, G-619, G-620, G-623, G-625, G-626, G-634, G-637, G-638, G-639, G-642, G-651

  • Car Rental

G-311, G-523

  • Depressed Housing Market

G-281, G-335, G-349, G-779

  • Distance within 40km of Worksite

G-215, G-383, G-705

  • Exceptional Circumstances
G-604, G-605, G-661, G-662, G-680, G-691, G-739, G-777
  • Financial Compensation

G-338, G-527, G-537, G-541, G-544, G-611

  • Foreign Service Directive (FSD)

G-363, G-386, G-476

  • Guaranteed Home Sales Plan (GHSP)

G-218, G-232, G-239, G-240.1, G-240.2, G-242, G-254

  • Home Equity Assistance Plan (HEAP)

G-205, G-232, G-242, G-244, G-300, G-415, G-521, G-532, G-748, G-759, G-778, G-779

  • Home Ownership


  • House Hunting Trip (HHT)

G-212, G-357, G-522, G-655, G-677G-781

  • Housing

G-509, G-706

  • Insurance Coverage


  • Interim Accommodation

G-240.1, G-240.2, G-341, G-360, G-364, G-372, G-422, G-643

  • Integrated Relocation Program (IRP)

G-278, G-281, G-297, G-299, G-337, G-341, G-345, G-349, G-357, G-360, G-383, G-406, G-409, G-505, G-524, G-530, G-544, G-611, G-643, G-655, G-656, G-660, G-661, G-680, G-688, G-736, G-741, G-752, G-761, G-762, G-777, G-778, G-779

  • Lateral Transfer

G-457, G-458

  • Legal Fees

G-218, G-503

  • Mileage Cost of Moving Vehicle

G-557, G-674

  • Pre-Retirement Relocation Benefits


  • Promotional Transfer


  • Retirement

G-329, G-330, G-331, G-332, G-369, G-373, G-446, G-475, G-608, G-645, G-740, G-764

  • Storage Costs

G-222, G-246, G-505, G-559

  • Temporary Dual Residence Assistance (TDRA)

G-263, G-494, G-738

  • Transfer Allowance

G-383, G-411, G-442, G-465

  • Waiver

G-278, G-394, G-454

Self-Funded Leave

G-404, G-414

Special Leave



G-009, G-032, G-037, G-053, G-059, G-077, G-081, G-098, G-119, G-125, G-149, G-194, G-203, G-211, G-322, 323, G-345, G-350, G-374, G-376, G-378, G-398, G-405, G-419, G-426, G-436, G-437, G-438, G-439, G-440, G-443, G-444, G-445, G-447, G-459, G-469, G-471, G-483, G-484, G-499, G-520, G-530, G-531, G-535, G-538, G-539, G-540, G-543, G-560, G-570, G-571, G-603, G-621, G-627, G-659, G-680, G-695, G-698, G-733, G-744

Stoppage of Pay and Allowances

G-286, G-318, G-319, G-320, G-328, G-342, G-353, G-359, G-418, G-481, G-529, G-549, G-556, G-696, G-765

Time Limits

G-214, G-218, G-221, G-222, G-223, G-228, G-247, G-248, G-250, G-277, G-333, G-337, G-341, G-347, G-348, G-357, G-365, G-366, G-370, G-371, G-372, G-375, G-376, G-392, G-397, G-419, G-420, G-432, G-464, G-465, G-471, G-477, G-486, G-488, G-494, G-517, G-518, G-519, G-520, G-528, G-532, G-533, G-534, G-537, G-546, G-559, G-560, G-562, G-563, G-569, G-607, G-609, G-610, G-613, G-615, G-645, G-653, G-654, G-661, G-662, G-675, G-678, G-679, G-693, G-702, G-703, G-735, G-759, G-766, G-768, G-769, G-770, G-778


G-478, G-562

Travel Directive  
  • Accommodations


  • Entitlement to Travel Expenses
G-751, G-760
  • Interpretation of “Travel Status”
  • Meal Allowance

G-675, G-725, G-726, G-727, G-728, G-729

  • Medical

G-486, G-492

  • Other

G-348, G-366, G-386, G-387, G-388, G-389, G-390, G-391, G-425

  • Private Accommodation Allowance

G-393, G-395, G-396, G-496, G-497, G-498, G-533, G-534, G-550,G-563,G-599, G-610, G-664, G-683, G-684, G-685, G-707, G-708, G-709, G-710, G-711, G-712, G-713, G-714, G-715, G-716, G-717, G-718, G-719, G-720, G-721, G-722, G-723, G-730, G-731, G-742, G-743, G-745, G-746, G-749, G-750, G-767, G-768, G-769, G-770, G-780

  • Separate Accommodations


  • Spousal Expenses for Medical Travel

G-269, G-597

  • Travel by a SRR

G-217, G-385, G-467, G-468

  • TB vs RCMP Policies

G-375, G-376

  • Use of Private Vehicle

G-225, G-226, G-227, G-260, G-262, G-295, G-296, G-457, G-458, G-468, G-472, G-486, G-611

  • Vacation

G-449, G-450, G-451, G-460, G-461, G-462, G-463, G-469, G-470, G-473, G-480, G-484, G-561, G-612

  • Workplace

G-215, G-225, G-226, G-227, G-432, G-464, G-471, G-611, G-667


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