Supplementary Information Tables

Supplementary Information Tables

CRA Sustainable development strategy

Information on the CRA Sustainable Development Strategy is available on the CRA's website.


Details on transfer payment programs of $5 million or more

General information
Name of transfer payment program
Children's Special Allowance payments (Statutory)
Start date August 28, 1995Footnote 1
End date 
Type of transfer payment
Other transfer payment
Type of appropriation
Children's Special Allowances Act (Statutory)
Fiscal year for terms and conditions
Link to the department's Program Inventory
Tax-free monthly payments made to agencies and foster parents who are licensed by provincial or federal governments to provide for the care and education of children under the age of 18 who physically reside in Canada and who are not in the care of their parents. Children's special allowance payments are equivalent to Canada Child Benefit payments and are governed by the Children's Special Allowances Act, which provides that this allowance be paid out of the Consolidated Revenue Fund.
Expected results
Canadians received their rightful benefits in a timely manner
Fiscal year of last completed evaluation
Not applicable
Decision following the results of last evaluation
Not applicable
Fiscal year of planned completion of next evaluation
Not applicable
General targeted recipient groups
Initiatives to engage applicants and recipients Not applicable
Planning information (dollars)
Type of transfer payment 2018-19 Forecast spending 2019-20 Planned spending 2020-21 Planned spending 2021-22 Planned spending
Total grants
Total contributions
Total other types of transfer payments
335,000,000 337,000,000 337,000,000 337,000,000
Total program
335,000,000 337,000,000 337,000,000 337,000,000
Taxpayer Bill of Rights Guide: Understanding your rights as a taxpayer,
CRA website:
Estimates by vote,
GC Infobase,
Supplementary information tables,

Gender-based analysis plus

General information
Governance structures

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) GBA+ Centre of Expertise (CoE) has been established since 2012 and each year works to further entrench GBA+ throughout the CRA. The GBA+ CoE develops an annual GBA+ action plan to support the full implementation of GBA+ in the development of programs and services to Canadians.

To ensure progress against the plan, the GBA+ CoE conducts an informal mid‐year assessment to gauge progress in implementing the action plan. The CRA formally reports on its GBA+ annual action plan in the Departmental Results Report. The GBA+ CoE reports regularly to the CRA's executive GBA+ Champion, and periodically to the Director General Planning and Reporting Committee and Agency Management Committee. In addition, the CRA will consider the results of the Status of Women Canada's next annual interdepartmental GBA+ implementation survey to evaluate our progress and ensure that we have the organizational capacity to meet the evolving governmental requirements.

The CRA will also develop an internal communications strategy towards promoting and raising awareness and understanding of GBA+ requirements across the Agency.

Human resources The GBA+ CoE consists of two FTE's dedicated to GBA+, and three additional resources, each partly dedicated to GBA+ (in total, accounting for approximately three FTE's). These resources review and provide guidance and hands‐on support to the CRA offices of primary interest conducting GBA+ in support of government initiatives. They also develop communications and training products, participate at the interdepartmental level in GBA+ working groups, monitor GBA+ implementation, and report on progress in the Departmental Results Report. The GBA+ focal points in the CoE have been trained, and are required to follow the Introduction to GBA+ online course, as well as attend other GBA+ related training courses and learning events. The CRA also has a Director General GBA+ Champion who provides leadership in the promotion and implementation of GBA+ in effective program design, development and decision-making.
Planned initiatives

To ensure that GBA+ is integrated into departmental decision‐making processes, initiatives planned for 2019‐2020 include:

  • GBA+ is conducted for all government initiatives, including those requiring memoranda to Cabinet, Treasury Board submissions, regulatory and/or budget proposals
  • GBA+ is applied in support of the development and setting of annual priorities in the Corporate Business Plan
  • Internal strategic investment priorities and decisions are informed by GBA+
  • All CRA public opinion research and consultations are supported by GBA+
  • Key GBA+ data and research gaps identified through GBA+'s are addressed
  • Implementation of CRA's internal communications plan helps to promote GBA+ awareness and application at every stage of program and service design and delivery
  • Build an internal GBA+ network across the Agency to promote GBA+ requirements and awareness opportunities
  • Develop a CRA GBA+ training package to increase understanding of GBA+ and required skill set

Expected results of the above‐noted initiatives include:

  • Better informed decision‐making that supports equity and inclusion in CRA business planning and prioritization
  • Increased application of GBA+ in program and service design and delivery to ensure client centricity
  • More inclusive CRA programs and services for Canadians
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