Section 4 – Supplementary information

Corporate information

Organizational profile

Appropriate minister: The Honourable Diane Lebouthillier, P.C., M.P.

Institutional head: Bob Hamilton

Ministerial Portfolio: National Revenue

Enabling instrument: Canada Revenue Agency Actvii

Year of commencement: 1999

Raison d'être, mandate, role, operating context and key risks

The information is available on the CRA's websitevi.

Reporting framework

The CRA's Departmental Results Framework and Program Inventory of record for 2018-19 are shown below:

Departmental results framework

Core responsibility Departmental result Indicator Program  
Tax Canadians comply with tax obligations, non­compliance is addressed, and Canadians have access to appropriate mechanisms for resolving disputes
  • Percentage of filers who have filed a tax return by their due date
  • Percentage of known businesses registered for GST/HST
  • Percentage of reported taxes (including instalments) and source deductions that are paid on time
  • Percentage of external service standards targets that are met or mostly met
  • Public Perception Index: score compared to baseline
  • Percentage of total volume of improved correspondence (i.e. changes to structure, design, language and format)
  • Percentage of services available online
  • Number of Community Volunteer Income Tax Program returns completed
  • Complete an online consultation open to charities and the public
  • Incremental revenue resulting from Budget 2016 investments
  • Incremental debt collected (resolved) resulting from Budget 2016 investments
  • Tax Services and Processing
  • Returns compliance
  • Collections
  • Domestic compliance
  • International and Large Business
  • Compliance and Criminal Investigations
  • Objections and Appeals
  • Taxpayer Relief
  • Service Complaints
  • Charities
  • Registered Plans
    Policy, Rulings, and Interpretations
Internal Services
Benefits Canadians receive their rightful benefits in a timely manner
  • Percentage of Canada Child Benefit (CCB) recipients who provide complete and accurate information in order to receive the proper entitlement
  • Percentage of benefit payments issued to benefit recipients on time
  • Percentage of respondents satisfied with benefit application processing time
  • Percentage of taxpayers (benefit recipients) who filed a return as a result of targeted CRA intervention
  • Benefits
Taxpayers' Ombudsman Canadians have access to trusted and independent review of service complaints about the CRA
  • Percentage of recommendations made by the Ombudsman to the Minister in systemic examination reports that will be acted upon by the CRA
  • Percentage of taxpayer complaints acknowledged within two business days
  • Percentage of individual complaint examinations resulting in the CRA taking action
  • Taxpayers' Ombudsman

Supporting information on the Program Inventory

Supporting information on planned expenditures, human resources, and results related to the CRA's Program Inventory is available in the GC InfoBase.

Supplementary information tables

The following supplementary information tables are available on the CRA's websiteiii.

Federal tax expenditures

The tax system can be used to achieve public policy objectives through the application of special measures such as low tax rates, exemptions, deductions, deferrals, and credits. The Department of Finance Canada publishes cost estimates and projections for these measures each year in the Report on Federal Tax Expendituresviii. This report also provides detailed background information on tax expenditures, including descriptions, objectives, historical information and references to related federal spending programs. The tax measures presented in this report are the responsibility of the Minister of Finance.

Organizational contact information

Image described below
Image description 

This is a representation of the organizational structure of the Canada Revenue Agency from the Minister down to the Assistant Commissioners.

At the top of the page is a rectangle with the name of the Minister, Diane Lebouthillier, and below her name is the title Minister of National Revenue. A photo of the Minister's face also appears in the rectangle.

At the bottom of the left-hand side of the rectangle a dotted line leads down to another rectangle which contains the name of Sherra Profit and below her name the title Taxpayers' Ombudsman. The rectangle's frame consists of dotted lines to illustrate the arm's length relationship between the Minister and the Taxpayers' Ombudsman.

A second line, which is solid, at the bottom of the right-hand side of the Minister's rectangle leads to a box containing the name Suzanne Gouin and below her name the title Chair, Board of Management. A photo of Suzanne Gouin's face also appears in the box.

A third line, which is solid, at the bottom of the middle of the Minister's rectangle, leads to a rectangle containing the name Bob Hamilton and below his name the title Commissioner of the Canada Revenue Agency. A photo of the Commissioner's face also appears in the rectangle.

There is also a solid line leading from the rectangle for Suzanne Gouin to the rectangle for Bob Hamilton to illustrate that the Commissioner has a reporting relationship to both the Minister of National Revenue and the Chair of the Agency's Board of Management.

On the left-hand side of the rectangle for Bob Hamilton there is a solid line leading to a rectangle containing the name Nancy Chahwan and below her name the title Deputy Commissioner. A photo of Nancy Chahwan also appears in the rectangle.

A solid line leads from the bottom of the rectangle for the Commissioner to a series of boxes in three columns containing the names and titles of the Agency's Assistant Commissioners.

The column on the left contains the names of the Assistant Commissioners of each program branch at Headquarters and, reading from top to bottom, this is the information that appears:

Mireille Laroche
Assistant Commissioner

Frank Vermaeten
Assistant Commissioner
Assessment, Benefit, and Service

Michael Snaauw
Assistant Commissioner
Collections and Verification

Ted Gallivan
Assistant Commissioner
International, Large Business and Investigations

Anne-Marie Lévesque
Assistant Commissioner
Domestic Compliance Programs

The column in the middle contains the names of the Assistant Commissioners for the Regions and, reading from top to bottom, this is the information that appears:

Ainslea Cardinal
Assistant Commissioner

Vince Pranjivan
Assistant Commissioner

Maureen Phelan
Assistant Commissioner

Ross Ermel
Assistant Commissioner

Louis Beauséjour
Assistant Commissioner

The column on the right contains the names of the Assistant Commissioners of each corporate branch at Headquarters and, reading from top to bottom, this is the information that appears:

Brian Philbin
Assistant Commissioner and Chief Audit Executive
Audit, Evaluation, and Risk

Roch Huppé
Assistant Commissioner and Chief Financial Officer
Finance and Administration

Dan Couture
Assistant Commissioner
Human Resources

Annette Butikofer
Assistant Commissioner and Chief Information Officer
Information Technology

Lynn Lovett
Assistant Deputy Minister
Tax Law Services Portfolio
Legal Services

Geoff Trueman
Assistant Commissioner
Legislative Policy and Regulatory Affairs

Maxime Guénette
Assistant Commissioner and Chief Privacy Officer
Public Affairs

Yves Giroux
Assistant Commissioner
Strategy and Integration

As of April 2018

Head office

Connaught building
555 MacKenzie Avenue, 7th floor
Ottawa ON K1A 0L5
Telephone: 613-957-3688
Fax: 613-952-1547

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