Readout: Disability Advisory Committee Meeting - July 7, 2022

Co-chairs Dr. Karen Cohen and Frank Vermaeten opened the Disability Advisory Committee (DAC) meeting by introducing and welcoming the following new members:

Following the introduction of the new members, the CRA acknowledged the work of the DAC members and highlighted some of the recommendations from the first and second annual reports. In particular, the recommendation to update eligibility criteria for mental functions and life sustaining therapy, expand the list of mental functions necessary for everyday life, and change the frequency and what counts toward the weekly 14-hour requirement for life sustaining therapy. The criteria was included in Budget 2021, received Royal Assent on June 23, 2022, and is retroactive to January 1, 2021. In addition, as recommended by the DAC, people with Type 1 diabetes are now considered to meet the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) eligibility criteria under “life-sustaining therapy” for 2021 and future years.

Dr. Cohen and Vice-Chair Sherri Torjman then provided a thorough summary of the DAC’s activities, including an overview of the third annual report and the recommendations the DAC has presented to the CRA. Key priorities included DTC eligibility criteria around mental functions and life-sustaining therapy, defining who qualifies as a health provider to complete the form T2201, streamlining the DTC review and appeals processes, and capturing DTC data.

CRA staff then provided an update to the DAC on the Accessibility file, including roles and responsibilities to deliver on the Agency’s obligations under the Accessible Canada Act, research, public consultations and engagement to date, and discussion questions for consideration by Committee members. Finally, the CRA and remaining DAC members thanked the outgoing  members for their commitment to the work, including the time and effort they contributed to improve the lives of persons with disabilities through their involvement in the Committee.

Outgoing members include:

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