Track how the CRA is helping northern residents

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is using feedback heard from taxpayers during the CRA's consultations with northern residents to help make our programs and services fairer, more helpful and easier to use.

As part of our commitment to ensure the CRA is a client-focused agency


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1. We will expand CRA outreach and partnerships in northern communities
What we will do Status
Collaborate with Service Canada to conduct outreach activities that inform northern residents of the variety of benefits, credits and deductions available to them, including the northern residents deductions, when they file their income taxes. completed
Pursue partnerships with northern governments, community leaders and band councils to help promote and share information on tax filing and benefits. On going
Promote the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program and create partnerships with organizations in the North that can provide volunteers. On going
Carry out a pilot project to attract and recruit post-secondary students to the CRA who can speak Inuktitut. See CRA's new Northern Service Improvement Strategy. completed
Use information from public opinion research, among Indigenous populations on reserves and in the North, to help inform outreach and communication campaigns and products for northern Indigenous communities. On going
2. We will improve services for Canadians living in the North
What we will do Status
Develop an interim telephone protocol to help northern residents who experience reliability issues with telephone service. Completed
Partner with outreach representatives to identify opportunities to improve telephone agent knowledge of northern issues, culture, and living in the North. Completed
Explore routing options that will allow northern callers to connect with CRA telephone agents who are familiar with northern residents issues. Completed
Examine the issue of slow mail delivery in the northern regions and its impact on taxpayer compliance. completed
Explore new payment options for taxpayers in the North that go beyond the telephone banking and cheque mailing services currently available there. Completed
Also, the Canada Post Corporation (CPC), in collaboration with the CRA, has launched a pilot project which allows Canadians to pay their taxes in cash or by debit card at CPC outlets. completed
3. We will help taxpayers better understand how to claim the northern residents deductions
What we will do Status
Improve information presented in the CRA's publications and webpages to help northern residents better understand the northern residents deductions and how to claim them. Completed
Create a checklist for claiming the northern residents deductions that includes a reminder to taxpayers to collect their travel expense receipts throughout the year. Completed
Raise awareness with businesses in the North on their responsibility to report employee travel benefits on T4 and T4A tax slips. Completed
Explore options that can help taxpayers identify the Lowest Return Airfare. completed

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