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You need a candidate profile to apply for job opportunities at the CRA. Once you have registered and have completed your candidate profile, you will be able to apply for CRA jobs from anywhere with Internet access.

Special note for current CRA employees and students:

Your registration can only be completed from a computer connected to the CRA network (or Secure Remote Access, if you telework). Enter your first and last name exactly as they appear on the Display Personal Data page of your Employee Self-Service portal. Once registered, you can access your candidate profile from anywhere with Internet access.

Registration instructions for CRA employees who are currently temporarily struck off strength (TSOS) and who do not have a registered candidate profile.
1. Register for Careers at the CRA and create a General Public candidate profile.
2. Once complete, copy, paste and submit the following information through the "CRA Job Opportunities" webform under the "Support" section of your candidate profile:

  • I am a TSOS CRA employee, this is a request to activate my candidate profile
  • Language:  English or French
  • Your first name:
  • Your last name:
  • Your employee PRI (format: 012345678)
  • Your partial date of birth (format Y-MM-DD)
  • Email address you used to register:
    NOTE: The data you enter above must exactly match what appears in your data section of your Employee Self-Service portal (ESS).

3. The Helpdesk will make the request to activate your candidate profile as a CRA employee.
4. You will be advised once activated and you will log in to your candidate profile using same user ID and password you registered with, and complete your profile.
5. You now have access to internal job opportunities.

How to create your candidate profile

Once you have registered for the Careers at CRA, you will be directed to the Careers dashboard screen. A message will be displayed indicating your candidate profile is incomplete.

To complete your candidate profile:

There is a 14-minute time limit to complete steps 1 through 6. If you have not created your candidate profile within 14 minutes, the system will timeout and you will lose your progress.

Click on Candidate profile to access the page and click Start process.

Step 1 – enter your personal data.

Step 2 – enter your contact information.

Step 3 – enter your email preferences:

Step 4 – enter your education information: 

Step 5 – enter your work experience:

Step 6 – release your profile: 

A message will appear, indicating that the process is complete. You can now search for opportunities, create specific search queries, and set up job alerts.

How to sign in to your candidate profile 

  1. At the bottom of the page, click on Departments and agencies, choose Canada Revenue Agency, and at the bottom of our webpage, click on Careers at the CRA.
  2. Under the heading, Most requested, click Sign in or register.
  3. Click CRA sign in.
  4. Enter your CRA user ID and password and click Sign in.  

How to maintain your candidate profile

It’s important to ensure your profile is complete and up to date so that you may continue to apply for jobs and receive offers of employment. See How to maintain your candidate profile for instructions on how to enter education factors in your profile.

Information for CRA employees and students about email communication:

You can list two email addresses in your candidate profile, but only one can be active.

All staffing-related correspondence is sent to your active email address. If you do not activate an alternate email address before leaving the CRA, you will not be able to recover your candidate profile because the recovery confirmation number is sent only to your active email address, which, if left as your CRA address, will be inaccessible once you have temporarily or permanently left.

CRA Job Opportunities Helpdesk

If you have questions about your candidate profile, or need help, the CRA Job Opportunities Helpdesk is available to assist you. If you still need assistance, we ask that you click here to submit a web form, or call toll-free on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (EST) at:

  • 1-800-571-7150
  • TTY at 1-800-465-7735

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