Webinar - Registering for My Business Account (MyBA): A step-by-step guide for charities

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Webinar Transcript

Slide 2 - Registering for My Business Account (MyBA): A step-by-step guide for charities

Chanelle: Hello, my name is Chanelle and I’ll be your host for today’s talk about Registering for MyBA.

Thank you for taking the time to join us today.

We invite you to ask questions throughout the webinar. We have subject matter experts here to respond to your questions. 

To ask questions, all you need to do is click the Q&A button in the top right corner of this window. Then, simply type in your question and it will be sent to us. You will notice a response to your question within the Q&A section.

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Slide 3 - Land acknowledgement/Reconnaissance des terres

Chanelle: Before we begin, I would like to start by acknowledging that we are hosting the webinar from the traditional and unceded territory of the Anishinabe Algonquin Nation and a home to a strong urban Inuit community. Because we are meeting virtually, I also want to acknowledge the lands you are gathered on from coast-to-coast-to-coast and invite you to take a moment to reflect on the territory you find yourself in.

[Icon of an eagle, narwhal, violin, feather, ulu, and infinity symbol.]

Slide 4 - Objective

Chanelle: The purpose of today’s presentation is to familiarize you with the My Business Account registration process and how to authorize new directors on MyBA. In this presentation, we’ll walk you through these processes step-by-step.

MyBA is a fast, secure and easy way for organizations to access and update their CRA account information online, such as filing information returns, obtaining tax information, reviewing their communications from CRA, and so on.

We hope you find this presentation useful. However, if at any point during the registration process you need help, please don’t hesitate to contact our client service team at 1-800-267-2384.

[Person writing on a tablet with a stylus pen.]

Slide 5 - Overview

Chanelle: The presentation is split into 5 parts.

In Part 1, we'll walk you through the MyBA registration process using a CRA user ID and password. Part 2 will be about registering using a sign-in partner. In Part 3, we’ll talk about how to use the multi-factor authentication feature. Then, we’ll discuss how to add your Business Number in Part 4. And finally, in Part 5, we’ll discuss the SIN and we’ll show you how to authorize new directors so they can access your charity’s account on MyBA.

[Person typing on a laptop.]

Slide 6 - You’re ready to start if:

Chanelle: If you meet the following conditions, you are ready any time to register for MyBA. For the purposes of this presentation, we will assume you meet these conditions. However, this presentation can still be useful for those who are not quite ready to register.

So, you are ready to start if:

If this last condition applies to you, you’ll find part 4 and 5 of this presentation most useful.

Slide 7 - CRA’s sign-in services

Chanelle: This is the CRA’s sign-in services page. The link has been provided for you at the bottom of the slide. This is where you’ll go to sign in, as well as to register. To access digital services for charities, you’ll need to use My Business Account.

But, please note that if you already have an account with either My Account for individuals, or with Represent a Client, you can use the same sign-in credentials to sign in to MyBA. So if this applies to you, you do not need to worry about the steps in the first part of this presentation.

It is also important to note that even though the same sign-in credentials will work on all three portals, there is otherwise no transfer of information between portals.

Slide 8 - Choose sign-in method

Chanelle: After you click on My Business Account, you’ll be presented with the following options:

(link - CRA sign-in services on slide to CRA sign-in services)

Slide 9 - Part 1: Signing up – Using a CRA user ID and password

Chanelle: This brings us to part 1 of the presentation, where we’ll go through, step-by-step, the MyBA registration process using a CRA user ID and password.

Slide 10 - Choose sign-in method

Chanelle: We’re going to start with Option 2, creating a CRA user ID and password.

To begin creating your account, click on “CRA register”.

Slide 11 - Validate your identity

Chanelle: The first thing you’ll be asked to do is validate your identity. Start by entering you social insurance number.

 We’ll discuss the use of the SIN in more detail later in the presentation

Then add in the required information related to your identity.

Please note that in order for the system to match the tax information you’re asked to enter, you must have filed your personal income tax and benefit returns in the last two years.

Slide 12 - CRA security and postal (ZIP) code

Chanelle: After you’ve validated your identity, you’ll see this notice. As a security measure, we will mail you a CRA security code that you’ll need to use when you sign in for the first time. You should receive the CRA security code within 5 to 10 days from completing the registration process.

The security code will be sent to the address we have on file for you. In order to ensure we have the right address, you’ll be asked to confirm your postal code

Slide 13 - CRA user ID and password

Chanelle: Now, you’re ready to create your CRA user ID.

You can make your CRA user ID whatever you want it to be, as long as it follows the rules outlined in the user ID checklist:

Please ensure that you’re able to remember your CRA user ID once it’s been created.

Next, on the same screen, you’ll create your password.

The password you create must also follow a set of rules:

You’ll re-enter your chosen password to confirm. Both entries must match before you can continue. As with your user ID, please ensure that you are able to remember the password you create.

Slide 14 - Security questions (1/2)

Chanelle: After you’ve created your CRA user ID and password, you’ll need to create a series of security questions. These questions add an extra layer of security, and will aid you in recovering your CRA user ID or password, should you ever forget them.

You’ll need to create a total of 5 questions and answers.

You’ll choose your question from the list provided in the dropdown menu.

The questions and the answers you provide should be easy for you to remember, but hard for others to guess.

At the bottom of the security questions page, you’ll be asked whether or not you want to use these questions as an additional sign-in security measure. If you choose the first option, you’ll be asked a security question every time you log in. If you select the second option, you will not be asked a security question when you sign in. However, the security questions will still be used if you forget your user ID or your password and need to recover them.

Slide 15 - Security questions (2/2)

Chanelle: Finally, on the following page you can review your questions and answers. If you’re happy with them, click “next”. If you’d like to change something, click “manage security questions”.

Slide 16 - Confirmation

Chanelle: At this point, you’ve completed the bulk of the registration process. But there are a few remaining important items to cover.

First, you’ll be presented with the Terms and conditions for use of the CRA user ID and password. To confirm your agreement with these terms and conditions, you’ll enter the user ID and password that you’ve just created.

Please take the time to read these terms and conditions before confirming.

The next page is simply a confirmation that your CRA security code will be sent. Click “next” to continue.

Slide 17 - MyBA terms and conditions

Chanelle: The next page outlines the terms and conditions for use of My Business Account. Once again, please read through them carefully before clicking “I agree”.

Finally, at the end of the registration process you’ll have the opportunity to connect to your charity’s business number by adding it to your MyBA profile. This step is necessary in order to access your charity’s account.

However, if you skip this step in the registration process, you can still add a BN to your profile at any time. We’ll go over how to do that in part 4 of this presentation.

Slide 18 - Sign in with the CRA security code

Chanelle: When you receive your CRA security code, start the sign-in process by navigating once again to the MyBA sign-in page. Because you’ve created a CRA user ID and password, select this option.

After you enter your user ID and password that you created earlier, you’ll be prompted to enter the security code. Simply enter the code in the space provided and click “next” to complete the sign-in.

If you’ve lost your security code, or you’ve waited longer than 10 days and have not received it, there is a link on this page you can click for help.

Slide 19

Chanelle: If your next screen looks something like this, you’ve successfully signed in. This is your personal MyBA account Overview page. From this page, you can access your charity’s account, or other businesses if that applies to you.

Slide 20 - Part 2: Using sign-in partners

Chanelle: Now that we’ve discussed how to create and use a CRA user ID and password, we’ll now go over the second method of registering and signing in to MyBA, using a sign-in partner. 

Slide 21 - Choose a sign-in method

Chanelle: When you navigate to the MyBA sign-in portal, you’ll see that option 1 is using a sign-in partner.

Slide 22 - Choose a sign-in partner

Chanelle: If you decide to use a sign-in partner, you’ll be directed to this page.

Using a sign-in partner allows you to use your already existing sign-in credentials from one of the financial institutions.

To continue, click on one of the icons. Be sure to choose an institution that you already have an online account with.

For our purposes today, we’ll use the Royal Bank of Canada.

Slide 23 - Credentials and privacy

Chanelle: Once we click the Royal Bank icon on the previous page, we’re brought to the Royal Banks’s own sign-in page.

Simply enter your sign-in information for the bank and click “sign in”.

When signing-up for the first time, you’ll be presented with these important conditions of use and privacy notice. Be sure to review these conditions before clicking “accept and continue”.

Slide 24 - Validate your identity

Chanelle: Next, you’ll follow a few of the steps we saw previously in order to validate your identity and confirm your address for the purposes of the CRA security code.

Even if you are using a sign-in partner, you’ll still need to provide your Social Insurance Number (SIN), and you’ll still have to wait for a CRA security code to arrive in the mail before signing in for the first time.

When you’ve completed all the steps, you’ll then be prompted to provide your charity’s BN, if you’re ready to do so. And you’ll complete the process as we saw earlier.

This does not mean you’re the only one who can sign in to your charity’s account.

Slide 25 - Multiple users

Chanelle: It’s important to note that whether you choose a sign-in partner, or you create a CRA user ID and password, multiple directors can still access your charity’s account. Other directors do not need to use, and should not use your personal sign-in information to access MyBA.

Each director who needs to access your charity’s online account must sign up for their own individual MyBA account.

Your charity’s online account will always be there. MyBA is simply the portal through which individual directors can access the account.

In the case of a charity’s status being revoked, you will still have access to the business number, but not the charity’s RR account.

Slide 26 - Part 3: Multi-factor authentication

Chanelle: One aspect of the registration process that we haven’t mentioned yet is multi-factor authentication.

As you proceed through the MyBA registration process, you will be prompted to set up multi-factor authentication, an added security feature that makes it even more difficult for someone else to access your account. 

Slide 27 - Multi-factor authentication (1/4)

Chanelle: It is now mandatory to enroll in multi-factor authentication when you register for MyBA.

First, we’ll go over the two options that you have for multi-factor authentication, then we’ll show you how to use them.

The first option, and perhaps the easiest, is through the use of your phone number.

If you choose to use your phone number, you’ll be brought to this page where you can click “Add a telephone number”.

Slide 28 - Multi-factor authentication (2/4)

Chanelle: Fill in the information, then click “add”.

When you’re finished, you’ll be brought back to this screen where you can see the numbers that you’ve added. You can delete or change a number if you’ve made a mistake. Be sure to select your preferred language, then click next and the set-up is complete.

Slide 29 - Multi-factor authentication (3/4)

Chanelle: Now, we’ll look at how the telephone authentication works once you’ve set it up.

First, sign in as usual with either your user ID, or a sign-in partner. Immediately after signing in, you’ll see this page. This individual happens to have 3 phone numbers associated with the authentication. Select the phone number you’d like to use and then click either “text me” or “call me”.

You will immediately receive either a text message or an automated voice call providing you with a one-time passcode. This passcode is only associated with this particular sign-in. Each time you sign in, you will receive a different passcode. Enter that code in the box indicated.

Note at the bottom, you can chose to turn off multi-factor authentication for 8 hours, which is useful if you’ll be signing in multiple times in a short period.

Once you enter the code, click next, and the sign-in process will be complete.

Slide 30 - Multi-factor authentication (4/4)

Chanelle: So just to reiterate. Once you’ve registered for MyBA and you’ve set up multi-factor authentication, the sign-in process looks like this:

And then you’re in!

Slide 31 - Passcode grid (1/2)

Chanelle: Now, we’ll look briefly at the second option for multi-factor authentication, the use of a passcode grid instead of a phone number.

When you’re first setting it up, you’ll be provided with a grid that looks like this. Please make sure you print or save it at that time. You’ll see you have the option to save as PDF, or to print.

Instead of receiving a text or phone call with a one-time passcode, you will be asked for information from this grid every time you sign in.

Please note that the passcode grid expires. Once the grid expires, you’ll be provided with a new one that you’ll have to save or print again.

Slide 32 - Passcode grid (2/2)

Chanelle: After you enter your sign-in credentials, you’ll be asked to enter information from the grid. Please have the grid handy whenever you are signing in to MyBA.

In this example we are being asked to enter the information found in the squares B-3, D-1, and A-5. Simply find those squares on your grid and enter the information.

B-3 is WSX.

D-1 is WSP.

And A-5 is BBG. Then click next and the sign-in will be complete.

Slide 33 - Part 4: Adding the Business Number (BN)

Chanelle: And that ends part 3 of the presentation.

The rest of the presentation assumes that you now have registered for MyBA and are able to sign in any time.

Slide 34 - Adding the BN (1/3)

Chanelle: First we’ll show you how to add your charities BN, if you did not do so at the time of registration.

You’ll start from your MyBA overview page. At the top of the page in the navy blue banner there’s a link you can click to make changes to your MyBA profile.

Slide 35 - Adding the BN (2/3)

Chanelle: On the next page, you may have to scroll down to find this box titled “Business numbers in your profile”. Click the link “Manage business numbers in your profile”.

If you are already authorized on other businesses or charities, you will see their business numbers listed here.

To add your charity’s BN, click “add a business”.

Slide 36 - Adding the BN (3/3)

Chanelle: Just add your charity’s 9-digit business number and click “Add”.

You’ll arrive back at this screen where you can see that the BN has now been added to the list.

And that’s all you have to do to add your charity’s BN to your MyBA profile.

Slide 37 - Part 5: The SIN and changing directors

Chanelle: For some, you still may not have access to your charity’s account. Not to worry, since the most likely reason is that the list of directors we have on file, and their SINs, just need to be updated. We’ll walk you through that now, and we’d also like to remind you that if at any point during the registration process you need help, please don’t hesitate to call our client service section. The number is at the end of the presentation.

Slide 38 - Linking your SIN (1/3)

Chanelle: The SIN is one of the most unique identifiers an individual can have. And it’s necessary for working in Canada and for accessing various government services and programs.

When you file your taxes, your SIN is how we’re able to confirm your identity. In this process, we only use your SIN to identify and confirm your identity.

Slide 39 - Linking your SIN (2/3)

Chanelle: As a director of a charity, you can think of your information being used in 2 different places. First, on the Directors worksheet which is found in the annual information return (T3010) and in the updated list of directors that can be modified in MyBA.

The first place where your information can be used is in the directors worksheet submitted with the T3010 annual information return. This worksheet does NOT ask for directors’ SIN. This information is meant to provide a snapshot of the charity’s officials for that fiscal period. Directors on this worksheet do not automatically have access to MyBA.

The second place where your information can be used is in the updated list of directors. To ensure that this list is up to date throughout the year, you must inform the CRA whenever a change occurs. You can update your current list of directors at any time using MyBA. We’ll go over how to do that in a moment. Providing these director updates to the CRA whenever they occur allows the CRA to maintain an updated list of who is authorized on the charity’s account.

When you update your list of directors, you have the option to provide the new director’s SIN. While it may be optional, you must provide the SIN if you want that director to access your charity’s account through MyBA.

If the director you want authorized is on the updated list with their SIN, and they’ve registered for MyBA, they’ll be able to access your charity’s account. The SIN is the key. It needs to be in both these places in order for us to verify your identity and grant you access.

Slide 40 - Linking your SIN (3/3)

Chanelle: To summarize, the following needs to be in place in order for a director to have access to your charities online account:

Slide 41 - SIN and online security

Chanelle: We recognize that the internet is an open and public network. Because our online services involve confidential data, the CRA has a number of extra safeguards in place to ensure the safety and integrity of the information.

This includes:

For more information, you can visit our page Access online services safely, and review our full Privacy Statement by clicking these links.

Slide 42 - Changing directors (1/5)

Chanelle: Finally, we’ll go over how to update your list of directors. If you’re a director who’s already on MyBA with access to your charity’s account, this can be done online.

First, sign in to MyBA, then scroll down the menu on the left side of the page to find your charity’s account.

Slide 43 - Changing directors (2/5)

Chanelle: Select “Update registered charity or RCAAA information”.

Then, select “Change director” from the dropdown menu.

Slide 44 - Changing directors (3/5)

Chanelle: In the text box provided, or in an attachment, you must provide the following information about each person:

The SIN is required here if you want the director, trustee or like official to have access to your charity’s account on MyBA.

Please also be sure to indicate whether you’re adding, removing, or updating information.

You may also upload supporting documentation to assist in your request.

Slide 45 - Changing directors (4/5)

Chanelle: If none of your charity’s directors are currently able to access your charity’s online account, the information can be mailed to the following address, or faxed to one of the numbers provided below.

Slide 46 - Changing directors (5/5)

Chanelle: Once we receive your request and process the information, these two boxes will connect, and you can try again to access your charity’s digital services.

Slide 47 - Links summary

Chanelle: If you would like additional information and instructions on how to register for MyBA, please visit our page My business account for charities. You can click the link provided on this slide in your PDF copy of the presentation. On the MyBA for charities page, you will find additional information for special cases like new applications, head bodies and internal divisions, and Represent a Client.

All the links you've seen throughout the presentation have been compiled here for easy reference, so you won't have to go searching through the presentation to find them.

(link summary on slide:

My Business Account for charities - Canada.ca

T4033 Completing the Registered Charity Information Return - Canada.ca

Consequences of revocation

Voluntary revocation

Form T1240, Registered Charity Adjustment Request

CRA sign-in services - Canada.ca

Instructions: Change director - Canada.ca)

Slide 48 - Contact us

Chanelle: And, of course, if you’d like to speak with a client service representative dedicated to Charities, you can call 1-800-267-2384. There, you can ask your questions directly to one of our representatives. They are available to help you Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm local time. 

Thank you so much for attending today’s webinar. We hope we were able to answer your questions.

We will be sending you a link to an online survey about today’s webinar. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey.

Your feedback is really important to us. It helps us evaluate the effectiveness of our webinars and plan for our future outreach activities. (Note: the survey is only available for the live webinars)

If you would like to receive recent news and updates from the CRA, sign up for our electronic mailing list at canada.ca/charities-whats-new.

Thank you.

(link - Charities and giving on slide to Charities and giving page)

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