Beware of scammers posing as CRA employees


NARRATOR: This, is Mike. Like most Canadians, Mike is a responsible citizen—he works hard, takes care of his family … and he pays his taxes on time.

So Mike is surprised when he gets a call as he's about to sit down to dinner… the person on the phone says he's from the Canada Revenue Agency and that Mike hasn't paid his taxes. He tells Mike the police are coming to arrest him if he doesn't pay immediately… and demands Mike's banking and credit card information.

Mike thinks… “Am I in trouble?!”

The answer is no! This call… is a scam. Unfortunately, some people are fooled by these threats—they are frightened into giving scammers their personal and financial information.

But not Mike: Mike listens, and then thinks to himself, “This doesn't feel right, and it doesn't make sense. I better check My online CRA Account or call theofficial CRA number to make sure my tax account is in order.”

Mike hangs up, and checks his account, which confirms he was right – there is no problem with his tax account.

Remember, the CRA will never use nasty language or threaten you.

The CRA will also never ask for your credit card information or for payments by prepaid credit cards; or ask for your personal information by email or text message

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