Need a hand?

Video is also available on YouTube in Arabic, Cantonese, Cree and Punjabi.


(Animated intro sequence - Various elements associated with personal finances fly pass camera as we settle on the “NEED A HAND” logo. After a brief pause, the logo flips and we move into...)

(Main live-action/stop-motion segment - We follow a man (Joe) carrying a file full of tax papers (T4 slips etc…) walking down a street, the video is made up of muted colours.)

Meet Joe. Joe’s got a feeling—a feeling that something needs to get done.

(Joe continues down the street, interacting with various people in pleasant ways.)

You see, Joe wants to file his tax return, but he needs help.

(We quickly pull out from the street scene to the whole of Canada, and then the whole of the planet.)

Joe’s part of a community—family, friends, neighbours. And today, with the help of the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program, his community will be there for him to help prepare and file his tax return. He’ll also find out if he’s entitled to any tax credits and benefits.

(Joe enters into a community tax preparation clinic, with the words “Community Volunteer Income Tax Program” visible somewhere.)

And when tax time comes around, the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program will also be there for you!

(A burst of colour and change in music to show the change in mood.)

(Joe joins the people getting help on their taxes.)

Do you need a hand? If you have a modest income and a simple tax situation, volunteers with the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program can prepare and electronically file your tax return!

(Images of clients and volunteers face to face. As well as credit and benefit payment images.)

In collaboration with the Canada Revenue Agency, community organizations and their volunteers across Canada host tax preparation clinics to prepare income tax and benefit returns for eligible individuals.

(Tax preparation clinics start popping up all over Canada. The camera moves in on Quebec as a series of relevant info graphics show up.)

In the province of Quebec, the Canada Revenue Agency partners with Revenu Québec to support the Volunteer Program for preparing both federal and provincial returns.

(A calendar begins counting through days and then months before reaching mid-February.)

The volunteer tax preparation clinics are generally offered between mid-February and the end of April.

(Joe continues down the brightly coloured street, interacting with various community members.)

Joe’s got a feeling. A feeling of confidence and satisfaction. With the help of his community, he’s getting things done!

(We pull out to reveal a happy thriving community, full of life.)

For more information about the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program, or to find out if you’re eligible for help, go to

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