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NARRATOR: This is Mike.

Mike likes to do things the easy way.

Recently, Mike read that My Account, the Canada Revenue Agency’s secure portal, lets Canadians across the country view and manage their tax and benefit affairs quickly, conveniently, and securely… all online

Mike thinks this seems like a good idea – so…

he found a quiet spot on his lunch break and engaged the power of technology to help him manage his tax and benefit information.

With a few clicks of his mouse and a few strokes of his keyboard, Mike began registering for My Account.

Mike started at the My Account webpage at

Mike has the option of choosing from two ways to register for My Account. He can register and create a CRA user ID and password or he can login using a Sign-in Partner.

Mike uses online banking on a regular basis, so he chooses to use the Sign-in Partner option. He logs in with the information that he already uses with his bank, making his experience that much easier.

After entering a few details to ensure his privacy is protected, like his Social Insurance Number, date of birth, current postal code, and an amount from his last tax return, Mike has instant, secure access to some of his tax and benefit information—like the status of his tax return and a summary of his notice of assessment. He can also sign up for online mail!

Within a week or two, Mike will receive a letter in the mail from the CRA with his CRA security code. Mike can also call the CRA to get his code earlier. Once Mike enters this code, he will have full access to even more information through My Account, including details about his tax returns and benefits.

Now, Mike can do everything from updating his address…

… to checking on the status of his refund, to printing proof of income…

… to setting up direct deposit and much more! He can also login and check some of his information on-the-go using the MyCRA web app! Now that’s easy!

If Mike used his security code to fully register for My Account, he can also use the CRA’s Auto fill my return service when he files online using certified software that includes that feature. Auto-fill my return automatically fills in certain parts of his income tax and benefit return. What could be easier?!

But Mike thinks the best thing about My Account is that he can access the information he needs anytime, anywhere – perfect for someone with such a busy life!

Make your life easier and be like Mike -- sign up for My Account! You’ll have access to the CRA's full suite of self-service options, and see first-hand how the CRA is delivering on its commitment to client-focused service.

Find out more at! 

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