The underground economy hurts us all


NARRATOR: So, you just had your roof re-shingled. It sure looks great!

And you saved some money by paying cash under the table. Who’s it going to hurt, right?

Well, with no paperwork, if someone had been injured on the job site, you could have been sued.

Are you really ahead?

Especially when your roof ends up leaking,

and you have no written warranty.

Ask yourself, if your contractor is cheating the government, does he really care about building codes? Good chance he’s cheating you too.

Voice on phone: The number you are trying to reach is no longer in service.

NARRATOR: So, what would you choose? Paying thousands when things go wrong,

or hiring responsible contractors who follow the rules and pay their taxes?

You don’t want to get burned,

and become one of those unlucky Canadians who are living every day with the consequences of participating in the Underground Economy.

Even worse, when any business activity goes unreported, or under-reported, it hurts us all.

That honest local business down the street can’t make a go of it against competitors who skirt the rules.

The shady dealings of the Underground Economy also mean that taxpayers who don’t cheat, end up paying more to support the tax-funded programs we all rely on.

What’s the big deal about working under the table or off the books? Well, it’s costing Canadians billions of dollars, including you.

When nobody cheats, everybody wins.

Do the Right Thing.

Don’t Participate in the Underground Economy.

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