Individuals - Tax information newsletter, Issue: 2015-03

March 24, 2015

1. It’s tax time and we have valuable information for you

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is here to help you during tax season. Here's some information you should know about your taxes, including ways to save money at tax time.

2. Most common tax mistakes to avoid

Many Canadians make mistakes on their income tax and benefit return. The CRA has put together a list of the common mistakes we see from year to year.

3. Making a payment as easy as 1, 2, 3!

More and more Canadians are paying their taxes online. When you pay online, you can make your payment anytime, from anywhere! Last year, we received over six million payments from individual filers online.

4. Video: Family caregiver tax credit

You might be able to claim the family caregiver tax credit if you lived with and took care of a dependent over the age of 18 who could not care for himself or herself due to physical or mental impairment.

5. Video: Public transit tax credit

Did you know there's a tax credit for the cost of monthly or annual public transit passes? This applies to travel on buses, streetcars, subways, commuter trains or ferries, and may apply to electronic payment cards too.


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