Online filing for Trust Income Tax and Information Returns is coming

Starting in January 2018, trust administrators and their representatives will be able to file a simple T3 Trust Income Tax and Information Return (T3RET) online using the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) secure Internet file transfer service. A simple or “NIL” return means that a trust’s taxable income, total taxes payable, and refund or balance owing are $0.00. This service will be available for the 2017 and later tax years. Online filing is fast, easy, and secure, and you can get your assessment in as little as four weeks!

Is your software ready?
To support online filing for simple trust returns, tax software and forms must be updated to meet the required conditions for processing. For a complete list of specifications and restrictions, or to view the schema for tax-filing software, go to How to file a T3 return webpage. Help support Canadians who want to file online by updating your software and forms before January 2018.

Online filing for simple trust returns is one of the ways the CRA is delivering on its commitment to improved service for Canadians. The CRA will continue exploring ways to support online filing for trust returns with new online options in the future.




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