Electronic filing of Special Elections and Returns is now available

January 25, 2023

Ottawa, Ontario

Canada Revenue Agency

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is digitizing the Special Elections and Returns (SERs) forms which will now allow taxpayers to file these requests electronically using Submit Docs or certified software. Those that are currently online in their new format include the T217, T2 Schedule 89 and T2054.

To ensure requests are processed in a timely manner, we strongly encourage taxpayers to use these new updated forms. Using the old forms may cause delays in processing your election and we may need to contact you to request additional information.

As we continue to update SERs forms, the new versions of the T2057, T2058 and T2059 will be available online as of March 1, 2023. They must now have a valid account number when they are filed with the CRA. If the account number is missing, or is zero, the election may be returned to the taxpayer for the missing information.

The remaining 40 election/return forms will be modernized over the next few years. Digital access to SERs forms will help us improve our service to taxpayers, by giving them more timely access to important information. Additionally, taxpayers and/or their representatives will immediately receive a confirmation number upon filing to verify the SERs form has been received by the agency.

We understand that some taxpayers will still want to use paper forms and they will continue to have access to the paper versions of the SERs forms after they are digitized.


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