Individuals can now receive T4A and T5 slips more conveniently and efficiently

November 29, 2023

Ottawa, Ontario

Canada Revenue Agency

Recipients of T4A and T5 tax information slips no longer have to provide permission to receive them through a secure portal.

A T4A slip identifies amounts paid during the calendar year for certain types of income from many different sources, including self employed commissions and RESP educational assistance payments. T5 slips are used to report the various types of investment income that residents of Canada have to report on their income tax and benefit returns.

You can still choose to receive slips by paper

Previously, issuers were required to request written or electronic permission in order to provide these slips electronically, but do not need to now, under certain conditions. It is important to note that your express consent is still needed before an issuer can send you these slips through email.  

You can still request paper slips. If an individual does not have access to a secure portal from which they can print the slips in a secure manner or if an individual requests a paper copy, the issuer will need to provide two copies of the slips, in paper format, to the individual in person or by mail.

Where individuals can access T4A and T5 slips online

Issuers of these slips can now send them electronically to individuals over a secure portal from which the individual can print the slips in a secure manner unless any of the following apply:

  1. The employee or recipient requested that the slips be provided in a paper copy
  2. The employee or recipient cannot reasonably be expected to have access to the slips in electronic format at the time the slips are issued

A Note on My Account for Individuals

Individuals may also be able to get their T4A and T5 tax slips for the current and past years from the CRA if the issuer has sent them to us. Individuals can sign in to the CRA’s My Account for Individuals, a secure portal, to view personal income tax and benefit information and manage tax affairs online. To find the tax slips, an individual will scroll down to find the tax information slips link and then select the relevant year and type of slip to view the details. My Account will display the slips the CRA has received and processed.

My Account can be accessed in the following ways:

Register with the CRA’s My Account for Individuals if you haven’t yet. Note that individuals should sign in before tax season to make sure they have access and to ensure that their personal information is up-to-date.

Benefits to receiving tax slips electronically

Receiving tax slips electronically allows recipients to access their information faster since issuers will be able to simplify their processes. Recipients will no longer have to rely on, and deal with, delays from third-party printing and mailing services. Not to mention, digital processes ensure that slips are delivered despite disruptions, such as printing and mail delays that can happen as a result of adverse weather events and natural disasters.

Paper slips can be lost in the mail, stolen, or sent to the wrong address. Paper files can also be difficult to store. Electronic delivery is inherently more reliable and secure since access to secure online portals is restricted.

For more information on how slips are distributed

You can refer to the distribute the slips web page.


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